New Product: The Flux Chair

Flux Chair plastic seating

We at are dedicated to bringing you the most practical home improvement advice.  This new chair from Flux struck us as the ultimate in smart design and small space solutions.  Shown at the New York International Gift Show this week, the flat sheet of plastic on the right assembles into the chair on the left in just a few minutes (check out the video below).  When we tried it out, we were amazed by its comfort and stability.  You can buy cushions for the seat—though the chair was plenty comfortable without one—and wall hangers are available to store it flat.

Use the chair inside or out—it’s made of PVC that can withstand the elements outdoors.  It’s ideal for small spaces, and versatile enough to go in nearly any room … living room, bedroom, family room, home office, kids’ room.  Take it to the beach, use it for impromptu entertaining, or simply refresh your décor … the possibilities are many.  Manufactured in Holland, the Flux Chair is available in the U.S. through YLiving and sells for $199.

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