The 40 Best Food Gifts for Every Type of Gourmand and Foodie

Whether you’re shopping for someone who wants to stock their kitchen or an aspiring home chef, these food gifts are sure to whet their appetite.

By Melissa Graham | Updated Oct 29, 2021 11:44 AM

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The Best Food Gifts Option


The good news about food gifts is that they appeal to a wide range of people, from those who like to cook to those who like to eat. The bad news? There’s an endless number of products to choose from when selecting a gift for gourmands and foodies, so narrowing down the options can be hard. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you in this comprehensive gift guide. These categories are divided by price point, so you’ll find everything from the best cookbooks to a monthly cheese subscription to a classic Dutch oven. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’re bound to find an item that fits the bill, and in less time, too. Bon appetit!

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How to Choose the Best Food Gifts

Before you begin adding items to your cart, it may be wise to consider a few questions to ensure you purchase the best food gifts for the lucky recipient. While browsing, it’s advised to ask yourself the following:

  1. What kind of food does the recipient enjoy? Adventurous eaters may be easier to buy for than those who prefer sweets or more typically palatable flavors.
  2. Are there sentimental ties to certain foods? Some recipients may hold a special place in their stomachs for authentic maple syrup, while others may have an affinity for caviar. Knowing this can help guide your selections.
  3. Do they like to bake or cook? Food gifts that incorporate their hobbies can bring even more joy to the time they spend in the kitchen.
The Best Food Gifts Option


The Best Food Gifts

From cookbooks to kitchen gadgets and monthly deliveries, these food gifts offer something for everyone from the passionate home chef to the extreme sweet tooth.

Gifts Under $25

Sensational Salt

The Best Food Gifts Option: Maldon Salt, Sea Salt Flakes

A good sea salt can make all the difference in recipes or dishes, and the Maldon Salt, Sea Salt Flakes doesn’t disappoint. Sought after by health-conscious consumers and gourmet foodies, this sea salt is known for its flavor and freshness. It includes zero additives and can elevate everyday cocktails and dishes with its clean, fresh taste. The salt is also hand-harvested and made with traditional artisan methods for a result that is unlike most sea salts on the market. $5.49 on Amazon.

Global Goods

The Best Food Gifts Option: SnackCrate

Give the gift of culture with SnackCrate, a box filled with curated snacks from a different country delivered right to the recipient’s door. You can select from three different-sized boxes and three membership options: 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. Each box comes with snacks from a specific country, with past destinations including Spain, Morocco, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The snacks included vary from savory to sweet, and they are sourced directly from the country of origin. Starting at $16 from SnackCrate.

For the Bookworm

The Best Food Gifts Option: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

New cooks who want to learn the basics of the craft and perfect their skills will enjoy “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking” by Samin Nosrat. This book has won several awards, including the 2018 James Beard Award for Best General Cookbook. The thought behind it is simple: Incorporate some kind of salt, fat, acid, and heat into each dish to create something delicious. In this book, Nosrat explains the hows and whys of good cooking so home chefs or aspiring professional chefs can be confident in their decisions in the kitchen. Inside, readers will find 100 essential recipes that demonstrate how the four elements work together to create magic. $16.67 on Amazon.

Most Family-Friendly

The Best Food Gifts Option: Raddish Cooking Kit

Families who like to cook together can enjoy the Raddish Cooking Kit, which serves as a culinary lesson and meal solution in one comprehensive package. Through the Raddish store, you can purchase an individual kit with a specific theme such as “Frightful Fiesta” or “Fall Potluck,” and each kit comes with recipe guides, a kitchen tool, a creative project, culinary skill lessons, and a grocery list. Families can cook anything from Swedish meatballs to ice cream pie. Plus, if the kit is a hit, families can sign up for a monthly subscription to receive Cooking Kits year-round. $24 from Raddish.

Dinner Made Easy

The Best Food Gifts Option: Two Tumbleweeds Foodie Dice No. 1 Seasonal Dinners

Family members or friends won’t have to answer the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question again with the Foodie Dice No. 1 Seasonal Dinners. This clever gift provides inspiration for creating new dishes with five primary dice with different cooking methods, veggies, main dishes, and other selections to help create the meal. There are more than 186,000 possible meal combinations with these dice to keep dinners interesting and tasty year-round. The dice are made of birchwood and come in a convenient cotton drawstring pouch. $24 on Amazon.

Gifts $25 to $50

Special Delivery

The Best Food Gifts Option: Goldbelly E-Gift Card

Foodies who would rather not cook (or would maybe want a night off every now and then) can enjoy a meal from a new or favorite restaurant with an E-Gift Card from Goldbelly. No matter where they live, recipients of a Goldbelly gift card can redeem it to try a signature dish from a restaurant that’s miles or even states away: They can order a cheesesteak from Philadelphia or a king salmon from the Pacific Northwest. Plus, users can help Goldbelly support small businesses by ordering from locally owned restaurants. Starting at $25 from Goldbelly.

Insider Information

The Best Food Gifts Option: The Noma Guide to Fermentation

Home cooks interested in upping their fermentation game can gain quite a bit of knowledge from “The Noma Guide to Fermentation.” Written by René Redzepi, chef and co-owner of top-rated restaurant Noma, this book sets out to provide home cooks with insider information on fermenting techniques with more than 500 step-by-step guides and instructions. The book was named one of the best gifts to give from multiple reputable publications, including Food & Wine magazine, Eater, Vogue, GQ, and Epicurious. $26.99 on Amazon.

A Gift for Green Thumbs

The Best Food Gifts Option: Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

Fresh, organic mushrooms won’t need to be hunted when you give the Oyster Mushroom Log Kit. Instead, whoever receives this gift can grow them in their very own home with this kit. The aspen or poplar log just needs to be soaked and kept in a cool, dark place and the organic mushroom spores inside will deliver fresh oyster mushrooms in no time. Then, once the mushrooms are harvested, the log can be resoaked and mushrooms can be harvested every 6 weeks for up to 3 years. The mushrooms produced are the perfect addition to common dishes such as stir-fries, sauces, and salads. $30 from Uncommon Goods.

For Fresh Pasta

The Best Food Gifts Option: Homemade Mushroom Ravioli Kit

You can help your friends or family members bring a taste of Italy to their kitchen table with the Homemade Mushroom Ravioli Kit. Global Grub founder Carley Sheehy created this kit after a trip to Italy, where she learned how to make pasta from scratch from an Italian cook in Florence. The kit comes with most of the ingredients to make authentic ravioli, plus a ravioli stamp and instructions to guide cooks throughout the process. Users just need to provide their favorite fillings, then roll, stamp, cook, and serve the dish. $32 from Uncommon Goods.

Magnificent Mochi

The Best Food Gifts Option: DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

The DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit is a top-rated gift for foodies who like to experiment with creating their own confections. Users can make their very own mochi at home with this set, which comes with all of the ingredients to make the small spheres of sweetness, such as rice flour, potato starch, matcha green tea powder, cocoa powder, a dough cutter, a silicone mochi mold, and instructions. All they need to provide is their ice cream of choice. Each kit makes up to 32 pieces, and they can be tinted or flavored to each individual’s liking. $34 from Uncommon Goods.

Top-Rated Torch

The Best Food Gifts Option: Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

With the Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch, food lovers can brown meringues, roast bell peppers, or sear tomato skins for restaurant-worthy dishes at home. This tool is pressure regulated so that it burns in all directions, creating a nice, even flame that produces consistent results. The instant on-and-off trigger saves fuel, allowing it to last longer than other torches on the market. A lock button on the device keeps the torch lit, even without the use of a finger. $35.97 on Amazon.

Gourmet Goodies

The Best Food Gifts Option: CucinaPro Empanada and Churro Maker Machine

Your favorite food lover won’t have to travel far for a tasty empanada or churro thanks to this Empanada and Churro Maker Machine. With nonstick plates that can be switched out, users can make either food option, depending on their mood. The machine can make two large, scrumptious empanadas in minutes or six tasty churros with results that are better than a traditional press. This kitchen gadget also comes with a dough cutter to ensure the right amount of dough is used each time and a recipe booklet to help guide users through the creation of each type of dish. $37.95 on Amazon.

Best Homemade Bread

The Best Food Gifts Option: Flower Pot Bread Making Kit

Not much can beat the smell of homemade bread, and with the Flower Pot Bread Making Kit, you can help food lovers make their very own loaves at home. This kit is a Terrain exclusive that provides ingredients to make their crowd-favorite bread and lavender butter from their Garden Cafe. Users will receive four terra-cotta baking pots and dry ingredients and will just need butter and parchment paper to complete the individual loaves. The kit is a great activity for family members or friends, or for those who want to save the fresh-baked loaves for themselves. $38 from Terrain.

Fun with Fermentation

The Best Food Gifts Option: Pickle Making Kit

Classic, crunchy dill pickles can be made in your gift recipient’s very own kitchen with this Pickle Making Kit. The 1.5-gallon kit is also reusable, so after the pickles are made, users can switch to making sauerkraut, kimchi, or even hot sauces. The set comes with a glass fermentation jar and weight, kosher salt, and a black tea bag for the first batch. The easy-to-follow instructions guide users step by step with links to coordinating how-to videos that make the entire process a cinch. $39.95 from The Grommet.

For the Wine Lover

The Best Food Gifts Option: Recycled Cloth Wine Bag

Wine drinkers who have an affinity for the sea will appreciate the Recycled Cloth Wine Bag, which is made from recycled sails. You can pair it with the recipient’s favorite bottle of wine, and they can reuse the bag for years to come since it’s reusable. It also comes with a recycled gift label to keep track of the bag’s travels. The bag’s hand-spliced rope handles add a nautical touch and make it easy to carry the wine from point A to point B. $40 from The Grommet.

Saucy Selection

The Best Food Gifts Option: Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Foodies who can’t complete a meal without a side of something spicy will enjoy the Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit, which allows them to customize their own hot sauce with the provided ingredients. Users can experiment with the provided chilis, which include dried whole guajillo peppers, dried whole chipotle peppers, and dried arbol peppers. Bottles, labels, and instructions are also included for those who want to share their custom creations or give them away as gifts. $42 from Uncommon Goods.

Kitchen Staple

The Best Food Gifts Option: Miraval Organic Extra Virgin Olive O

Home cooks likely can’t go a meal or two without using olive oil, and this Miraval Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from France is a superior option that is also incredibly useful. The makers of this olive oil use the finest extraction methods from a village in Provence, so it’s about as authentic as it gets. The oil is cold-pressed and comes in a black sandstone bottle, which shields it from damaging UV rays and fluctuations in temperature. This particular blend of olive oil includes notes of almond, hazelnut, and artichoke. $43.99 on Amazon.

Best for Breakfast

The Best Food Gifts Option: Stonewall Kitchen Maine Morning Batter Bowl Gift

Early risers or those who love a fresh batch of pancakes can benefit from the Maine Morning Batter Bowl Gift. This five-piece set from Stonewall Kitchen comes with a bottle of Maine maple syrup, a pancake mix, a waffle mix, a jar of blueberry jam, a whisk, and a melamine bowl. It’s an excellent gift option for people who have a special connection to Maine or who can appreciate quality maple syrup and other breakfast staples. $48.96 from Macy’s.

Complex Salt Set

The Best Food Gifts Option: Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused 12 Vial Set

From garlic, to chile lime, to smoked cherry wood, the salts in the Jacobsen Salt Co. Infused 12 Vial Set can enhance the flavor in a variety of dishes. Each vial is filled with flavorful salt crystals that are formed from the water in Netarts Bay in Oregon. After the water is hand-collected, it is slowly evaporated until it forms the delicate salt crystals that make up each vial. This artisan set features 12 different flavors, including habanero, rosemary, basil, lemon zest, and pinot noir. It’s an excellent gift for chefs or home cooks who want to add subtle flavor to their meals in a distinct, creative way. $49.95 from Williams Sonoma.

Gifts $50 to $100

The Big Cheese

The Best Food Gifts Option: Deluxe Cheese Making Kit

From ricotta, to burrata, to mozzarella, cheese of all varieties can be created with the Deluxe Cheese Making Kit. Cheese lovers who receive this gift simply need to add milk and use a few kitchen staples such as a colander, pot, measuring utensils, and spoon to create a batch of gourmet cheese at home. Other types of cheese that can be made are goat cheese, paneer, queso blanco, string cheese, and farmers’ cheese. The kit makes eight batches with each one weighing about 1 to 1.5 pounds. This kit is a great gift option for gluten-free or vegetarian diners who still want to indulge from time to time. $50 on The Grommet.

Compact Cooler

The Best Food Gifts Option: Uber Chill 2.0 Portable Mini Fridge

The mini fridge is no longer just for college kids or adults with offices. Instead, smaller refrigerators like the Uber Chill 2.0 Portable Mini Fridge can be used in a bedroom, a kids’ playroom, poolside, or even in the car. This thermo-electric fridge comes with automatic temperature control and plug-ins for the home and the car, so it can be used on the go. This appliance can cool drinks and snacks down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or keep items warm at up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Bonus: This mini fridge comes with a dry-erase board on the front, so users can leave messages or reminders to themselves or others. $59.95 from The Grommet.

Diy Dumplings

The Best Food Gifts Option: Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Adventurous eaters can bring the taste of Shanghai street food to their dining table with the Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit. With this gift, you can give friends or family members the ability to make xiao long bao, or “little basket buns” with the included tools, ingredients, and instructions. The kit comes with a bamboo steamer, parchment paper rounds, a dumpling dough roller, wooden spatula, agar agar powder, and instructions and recipes. The agar agar powder is a gelatin that turns broth into a solid that melts when steamed. It’s an all-in-one kit that makes a Chinese delicacy right at home. $60 from Uncommon Goods.

Gift that Gives Back

The Best Food Gifts Option: Ceramic Cooking & Serving Tagine Pot

The Ceramic Cooking & Serving Tagine Pot is a beautiful, hand-crafted serving dish that allows ingredients within the pot to steam out, thanks to its dome-shaped lid. This tagine is made in Nabeul, Tunisia, by local women who earn a fair wage, and 10 percent of proceeds from Kamsah, the company that sells it, go toward causes that benefit artisans. This tagine pot is not only beautiful but also practical, as it can cook a variety of dishes including casseroles, meats, and vegetables. Dishes are cooked at a low, even temperature for best results. Starting at $64.95 from The Grommet.

For the Sweet Tooth

The Best Food Gifts Option: Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries

Nothing says “I’m thinking about you” quite like 2 dozen Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries. These sweet treats from the one and only Harry & David can satisfy the hunger cravings of just about anyone who enjoys fresh fruit covered in decadent chocolate. The box of 24 strawberries features drizzles and coatings in white and milk chocolate and can serve about four people. Plus, it is delivered in a beautifully wrapped package, so you don’t have to make a last-minute trip to the store for packaging. $64.99 from Harry & David.

Extra Spicy

The Best Food Gifts Option: Mortar & Pestle - Red

A kitchen tool that looks just as good as it performs, this mortar and pestle from Goodee helps add spices and flavor to any dish in a sustainable way. This mortar and pestle was made in Nigeria from locally sourced wood and hand-painted with nontoxic materials. Users can use the set to crush fresh herbs and blend custom spices to add to their favorite recipes. Plus, if it has to be left out on the kitchen counter or stored out in the open, it won’t be an eyesore. Instead, it’s a beautiful conversation starter that helps add dimension to dishes through extra flavor. $65 from Goodee.

Hand-Some Design

The Best Food Gifts Option: Kamsah Dipping Set

Whether the person you’re shopping for enjoys a good dip or two or loves to entertain, the Kamsah Dipping Set is a unique set of serving dishes that form the shape of a beautiful hand. The set comes with one large plate and six smaller dipping plates that can be used to serve everything from vegetables and crackers to nuts and cheeses. The hamsa design featured in the set symbolizes peace, prosperity, and protection, so it represents a thoughtful message along with its craftsmanship. Each piece is handmade and hand-painted by local artisans in Tunisia, a city known for its quality ceramics. $65 from The Grommet.

Slice of Variety

The Best Food Gifts Option: Classic Favorites Gift Basket

Pears, popcorn, cheese, and chocolate-covered cherries: There’s a lot to love about the Classic Favorites Gift Basket from Harry & David. The snacks included in this basket have received a cult following from customers throughout the years, so they’re time-tested and approved by the masses. Recipients can enjoy a block of sharp white cheddar cheese, pepper and onion relish, chocolate truffles, Moose Munch, and more in this basket, which comes with a decorative tin and festive wrapping. Plus, it’s a gift that can be given to celebrate multiple occasions, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and graduations. $69.99 from Harry & David.

Most Versatile

The Best Food Gifts Option: Gobble Gift Card

For the people in your life who prefer to eat without the hassle of cooking, a Gobble gift card is an excellent gift idea. Gobble gift cards allow recipients to select from a wide range of chef-prepared meals to be delivered to their home. No chopping, measuring, or hefty prep work is required to enjoy these gourmet dishes, which means cleanup is a cinch, too. Users can simply pick from the weekly menu items and once the meals make it to their doorstep, they can be ready to eat in as little as 15 minutes. Gobble also includes low-carb and vegetarian options for users with those diet restrictions or preferences. Starting at$75 from Gobble.

Say Cheese

The Best Food Gifts Option: Cheesemonger's Picks Cheese of the Month Club

For cheese fanatics who like to expand their palate every now and then, the Cheesemonger’s Picks Cheese of the Month Club makes for an excellent food gift. Each month, trained cheesemongers hand-select three or four varieties of cheese to introduce to the club’s members. This gourmet subscription box features selections at peak ripeness from international and domestic producers. From goat cheese to delectable cheddars and triple creams, the cheese lover in your life is bound to find new flavors just for them in this specialty subscription. Starting at $75 from Murray’s Cheese.

Brewing for Beginners

The Best Food Gifts Option: The Kombucha Shop Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit

For kombucha lovers who want to save money or time making their favorite beverage, you can give the Deluxe Kombucha Brewing Kit. With everything users need to create their own kombucha at home, this kit makes the process fun and engaging for a single person or a large family. The included instructions and detailed steps for post-brewing make the experience as easy as possible while promoting hands-on learning. The kit comes with six 16-ounce swing-top bottles, a bendable bottle brush, a stainless steel funnel and strainer, and all the ingredients to get kombucha going. $79.99 on Amazon.

Nostalgic Pick

The Best Food Gifts Option: Original Whirley-Pop with Metal Tin Collection

Help bring movie popcorn to your friend’s or family’s living room with the Original Whirley-Pop with Metal Tin Collection. Movie lovers can enjoy a fresh batch of cinema-worthy popcorn with their favorite toppings in retro-styled metal tins. Users can pop the yellow kernels from their own stove with the original Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popper using the included popping oil. The pan and its lid are made with high-quality aluminum and die-cast metal gears with hardwood handles and knobs. Toppings provided in the collection include classic and sweet caramel seasoning. $80 from Macy’s.

Authentic Italian

The Best Food Gifts Option: MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

Foodies who love to feast on Italian food can make their own pasta at home with the MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine. This appliance rolls and cuts pasta dough to make traditional fettuccine, lasagna, and tag from the comfort of the user’s own kitchen. Made in Italy from chrome-plated steel, this machine comes with a pasta cutter, hand crank, clamp, and instructions. It rolls each sheet of dough at the same consistency and size to ensure even texture, cook time, and taste. $80.25 on Amazon.

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Gifts $100 to $250

Freshest Fruit

The Best Food Gifts Option: Brighter Blooms - Meyer Lemon Tree

Recipients of the Brighter Blooms – Meyer Lemon Tree can enjoy making flavorful drinks and treats with the special Meyer Lemon, a hybrid between a regular lemon and a mandarin orange. This tree arrives at 3 to 4 feet tall and will grow and mature into a full-fledged lemon-making machine in 1 to 2 years. This tree is self-pollinating, so it can be grown indoors or outdoors. It also produces a beautiful, fragrant smell each spring, so users will have something to look forward to. Note that this tree can’t be shipped to people who live in Florida, Arizona, Texas, California, or Louisiana. $119.99 on Amazon.

Even Better Beer

The Best Food Gifts Option: FIZZICS FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Foodies who like to pair their dishes with the perfect pour can appreciate the FIZZICS FZ403 DraftPour Beer Dispenser, which makes drinking any type of beer a better experience at home. This gadget converts any beer’s natural carbonation into a rich and creamy micro-foam that enhances its aroma and flavor. The small appliance can work with any type or size of beer, from lagers and stouts to ambers and IPAs. Plus, it can run with a USB cord and a wall adapter or two AA batteries to use on the go. $124.99 on Amazon.

Sustainable Pick

The Best Food Gifts Option: AeroGarden - Harvest Elite Slim

If you’re shopping for someone who’s concerned about their carbon footprint or enjoys gardening, the Aerogarden – Harvest Elite Slim is a system that grows organic ingredients right inside the home. The in-home garden system includes a stainless steel base that uses water instead of soil for mess-free planting. The LED energy-efficient lighting is a substitute for the sun and allows each plant to flourish. It also comes with a six-pod gourmet salad kit to grow GMO-free plants. $125.98 from Best Buy.

For the Baker

The Best Food Gifts Option: Cake Perfection Cookbook and Decorating Set

Home bakers can take their craft to the next level with Martha Stewart’s Cake Perfection Cookbook and Decorating Set. The set comes with Stewart’s book titled “Cake Perfection,” which offers more than 100 recipes along with details and instructions on how to use specific techniques to decorate them and add interesting flavor. Bakers can use the book to make a new cake, then decorate it with the provided spatula and design tools, including edible glitter, coconut flakes, luster dusts, gel food colors, pastry tips, and pastry bags. $129.99 from Macy’s.

Pristine Pearls

The Best Food Gifts Option: Caviar & Caviar Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Food lovers who have an affinity for caviar can feast on this Caviar & Caviar Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, which comes in two size options: 2 ounce and 4 ounce. The medium-size pearls come from Siberian sturgeon that are raised in pristine water to deliver a treat that is smooth and flavorful. Whether the person you’re shopping for is a seasoned caviar eater or new to the gourmet dish, they can rest assured this variety is gathered at peak freshness for the best bite in town. Starting at $147 from Sur La Table.

Gifts $250 and Over

Iconic Oven

The Best Food Gifts Option: Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven

From slow-cooking to braising and roasting, the Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven is a top-rated gift for the home or professional chef who would get good use out of a classic Dutch oven. Known for its strength and durability, the Le Creuset Dutch oven features easy-to-clean enamel that resists staining, cracking, and chipping. Although it’s sturdy, it comes with ergonomic handles and knobs so it’s easy to lift from the stove to the counter or back in the cabinet. Plus, it’s compatible with all cooktops and can withstand temperatures of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. $309.95 on Amazon.

Grow Anywhere

The Best Food Gifts Option: The Farmstand

Foodies who want to know the source of their ingredients can appreciate The Farmstand from Lettuce Grow, which is a top-notch planter that is self-watering and self-fertilizing. This system comes in a variety of sizes and makes it easy to grow food inside or outside. With access to direct sunlight, power, and water, this container allows even foodies without a green thumb to choose which seedlings to place in the planter to get things going. Herbs, cucumbers, eggplant, kale—all of these can not just survive but will thrive under the right conditions. Users just need to add water and nutrients to the reservoir and test and adjust the pH to make sure whatever gets planted will sprout. Starting at $348 from Lettuce Grow.

Next-Level Pizza

The Best Food Gifts Option: Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven

Authentic wood-fired pizza can be achieved at home with the Ooni Karu 12 – Multi-Fuel Outdoor Pizza Oven. This oven can be fired up with wood or charcoal and can be ready to cook pizza in 15 minutes at a whopping 950 degrees Fahrenheit. Its custom-designed fuel tray maximizes airflow and produces no excess ash to clean up once the pie has been consumed. And at just under 30 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to move around if needed. $489.99 on Amazon.

How to Get the Best Deals on Food Gifts

To score the best deals on food gifts, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with online resources like Honey that will notify you when items you’ve selected have been discounted or put on sale. Honey is a simple yet savvy browser extension that tracks the price of items for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Big-box retailers such as Walmart and Target also offer price matching on purchases, so you can purchase kitchen gadgets, appliances, and other food gifts at the lowest prices possible.

It’s also advised to look out for deals and sales around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, when retailers cut prices on items before the holidays. Even if you don’t plan on giving Christmas food gifts, you can stock up on items ahead of time that you can give later for likely a fraction of the full cost.

Prices listed here were accurate at the time of publication on 10/14/2021.