The Best Garage Lighting for a Home Workshop

The best garage lighting options can brighten dark spaces quickly and efficiently so you can work without eye strain during the day or at night. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Garage Lighting Option


Many garages, storage areas, and warehouses don’t have much natural lighting, so choosing the best garage lighting is essential for you to properly see your work whether it’s during the day or at night. Garage lights that mimic the color and vibrancy of daylight will be best for illumination that’s easy on the eyes. Some garages need only one or two lights placed in the middle, or alternatively over a workbench, but others will need several lights that can be chained together. Once you’ve decided the number of lights you need, then decide how high they should be placed as some lights offer more lumens for wider coverage from a high ceiling, and others have fewer lumens for lower ceilings. Choosing a high-efficiency light will also help you reduce your power consumption and bill, and those lights will typically last a long time.

Our Top Picks

For the best garage lighting, we reviewed features such as height capacity, lumens, mounting options, energy efficiency, materials, and more.

Best Overall

The Garage Lighting Option: Sunco Lighting 2 Pack Industrial LED Shop Light

This Sunco garage lighting kit comes with an Energy Star rating to boost your electricity efficiency without sacrificing illumination. They operate on 120 volts with 40 watts and produce 4,000 lumens of white light at 5,000 Kelvin. Both of these shatter and vibration resistant 4-foot lights come with linkable daisy chains for easy installation and can seamlessly be connected with up to four shop lights for extra illumination. Choose between a flush or hanging mount in your garage, warehouse, shed, or storage rooms. With this garage lighting that features integrated LED bulbs, you can get up to 50,000 hours of light, which reduces how often you would need to purchase new lighting.


The Garage Lighting Option: Hyperikon 4 Foot LED Shop Light

Best for larger spaces, the Hyperikon 4 Foot LED Shop Light comes with four slim aluminum lights to brighten your shop, garage, or warehouse. They provide 5,000 Kelvin brightness with 4,100 lumens and 35 watts without a flickering effect, which helps reduce eye strain. Easily mount flush to your ceiling or hang to get closer to your workspace. These 47-inch lights are made to be shatter-resistant and vibration-resistant, UV and mercury-free, and waterproof.

Most Innovative

The Garage Lighting Option: Hykolity LED High Bay Shop Light

The power of the hykolity LED High Bay Shop Light makes it a top choice for buyers who need strong light coverage from high ceilings. The total lumens with all four LED bulbs is over 42,000, with 5,000 Kelvin daylight color. The fixture uses 300 watts, is dimmable between 0 and 10 watts, and offers more than 50,000 hours of continuous use. Additionally, the hykolity features an on-off sensor that allows the user to set detection location, dimming capabilities, and standby and hold times. There’s even a 90-minute capacity backup battery.

Mount the fixture flush to a ceiling (brackets not included) or hang it with the included chains. For best results, install the light at a height of up to 49 feet. From there, it will be able to illuminate just over 50 feet of floor space.

Best for Large Spaces

The Garage Lighting Option: PrimeLights T8 LED High Bay Garage Light

For great high garage lighting, the PrimeLights garage light offers four LED bulbs that produce 11,400 lumens and 5,000 Kelvin daylight color at an equivalent of 21,000 lumens. These bulbs use 40 percent less energy than typical fluorescent bulbs and last much longer, allowing up to 50,000 hours of continuous use before users need to change the bulbs. The 20-gage, full-body steel housing around the bulbs is quite durable and will resist corrosion and rust, and the aluminum reflector shields maximize the width of light dispersed to the ground. These shop lights can be mounted directly to your ceiling or hung and work best placed anywhere from 15 to 40 feet from the ground.