How to Shop and Save Money on Georgia Home Insurance

Find the best and cheapest homeowners insurance in Georgia.

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If you’re a homeowner, you know that you need home insurance to protect your house and belongings. Trying to find the right Georgia home insurance that meets your needs and budget can take time, but it’s critical to research your options.

The cost of homeowners insurance in Georgia is slightly lower than the national average. Of course, individual situations can affect the price you pay.

That’s why it’s so important to do your homework. Even though most insurers use the same types of information to provide you with a quote for homeowners insurance, how they decide to “weigh” each factor can vary. That means that you might receive a wide range of quotes for the very same coverage. Shopping for homeowners insurance in Georgia doesn’t have to be a chore, you just need to follow a few tips to find the best rates from the best insurers.

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How to shop for homeowners insurance in Georgia

There are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of finding the best and cheapest homeowners insurance in Georgia.

Get quotes from multiple insurers

Comparing rates between a number of companies that provide home insurance in Georgia is the best way to ensure you get the right policy for you, and at the best price. If you only have time to follow one tip, make sure it’s this one. You won’t know the range of premium costs if you only get a quote from one provider.

To shop around and get quotes from multiple Georgia home insurance companies, visit Clearsurance’s Georgia home insurance customer recommendations page. Get quotes from at least three different companies and compare the coverage offered, the prices, and what customers say about the company in reviews.

Research your coverage options

This step is particularly important if you live near water, because flood insurance isn’t part of most basic homeowners insurance policies. As you’re doing research into the types of coverage you might need, you should look into Georgia flood insurance options as well. A recent analysis indicated that many flood maps may seriously underestimate actual flooding risk. With Georgia’s coastal location, flooding from hurricanes is a distinct possibility, so it’s probably a good idea to check out the pricing and availability of flood insurance.

See if you can bundle your policies

“Bundling” multiple insurance policies with one insurer is a good way to save money. If you have an auto policy with an insurance company that you like, check to see if they offer homeowners insurance as well. Buying multiple policies from the same vendor could save money on your premiums.

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The top 3 home insurance companies in Georgia, according to customers on Clearsurance

Customers on Clearsurance offer a lot of insight, providing feedback on their interactions with a wide range of insurers. Clearsurance has identified the three best Georgia home insurance companies, according to customer reviews as of July 2020. See the companies below along with an analysis on why customers say they are the best.

Please note: In order to qualify for the list, companies must sell homeowners insurance in Georgia, have at least 25 homeowners insurance reviews, and they must be a subscriber and offer quotes on the site. For a complete and updated list of the top-rated companies in Georgia, you can visit the Georgia home insurance rankings page, where you can get insurance recommendations based on your specific requirements and zip code.

1. Lemonade for Georgia home insurance

Lemonade’s customers offer high praise of the company and frequently mention its customer service and pricing as top features (Lemonade Clearsurance profile). Georgia homeowners looking for a company with excellent customer care and solid technology options, along with great prices, should consider getting a quote from Lemonade. On Clearsurance, Lemonade earned an average rating of 4.84 out of 5.00 stars for home insurance.

Pros: Customer reviews on Clearsurance often mention Lemonade’s easy-to-use website and its excellent customer service. Customers also rave about the company’s wide variety of coverage options and fair prices.

Cons: The only negative often mentioned by customers is that Lemonade doesn’t reward its loyal customers.

Lemonade policyholders are happy and satisfied with their coverage, as reflected in the following:

  • 92% of Lemonade’s customers say they have plans to renew their policies
  • 94% of Lemonade’s customers say they’d recommend the insurance to a friend
  • 95% of customers say their claims experience was positive

There are many positive reviews for Lemonade on One customer says, “I have heard that some companies are not very good with approving claims, and so when the storms came through around my house causing roof damage I really got to put this to the test…. Within just a few days they had approved my claim and made sure to follow up appropriately. From cost, to customer service, to how they handle claims, I am very pleasantly surprised!”

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2. Esurance for Georgia home insurance

Esurance (Esurance profile on Clearsurance) is available in most U.S. states, including Georgia. Customers on Clearsurance rate the carrier highly, and praise the carrier’s technology options. Esurance’s average rating on is 4.34 out of 5.00 stars for homeowners insurance. You can get an Esurance quote online for Georgia homeowners insurance.

Pros: In reviews on Clearsurance, customers mention Esurance’s wide variety of coverage options and flexible billing. They also note that Esurance provides a clear explanation of coverage, and has an easy-to-use website.

Cons: Similar to Lemonade, the negative most frequently mentioned about Esurance by customers is that it doesn’t reward loyal customers.

A Clearsurance analysis of customer reviews reflects a very positive assessment of Esurance.

  • 74% of Esurance customers are likely to renew their policies
  • 77% of Esurance customers would recommend the insurance to a friend
  • 75% of Esurance customers rated their claims experience positively

One Esurance policyholder says of the insurance provider, “Very affordable, great customer service… would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

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3. Allstate Insurance for Georgia home insurance

Allstate (Allstate profile on Clearsurance) is a national carrier with considerable positive feedback from customers on Clearsurance. Customers rate Allstate as the third best homeowners insurance option in Georgia out of the companies that offer quotes on Allstate earned a score of 3.99 out of 5.00 stars for home insurance on You can get a Georgia home insurance quote from Allstate online.

Pros: Reviews on Clearsurance highlight Allstate’s transparent pricing, a diverse assortment of coverage options, and flexible billing as important positives. Customers also praise an easy-to-use website.

Cons: An analysis of customer reviews did not reflect any consistent “cons” mentioned regarding Allstate.

Overall, customer feedback on Clearsurance regarding Allstate reflects a happy customer base with a lot of positive reviews.

  • 80% of Allstate customers are likely to renew
  • 78% of Allstate customers would recommend the insurance to a friend
  • 77% of Allstate customers rate their claims experience positively

In one review, a Georgia Allstate customer says, “Everything was great, they were very helpful and the insurance had an affordable price. They covered almost everything… including the roof and termites. Any time I needed an agent to come out they always had a smiling face.”

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The top 3 Georgia home insurance companies based on customer price rating

Although there are many factors to consider when shopping for Georgia home insurance, price is one of the most important factors. Clearsurance analyzed Georgia providers and how customers rated the company on the price of their policy.

Below are the top 3 Georgia home insurance companies rated by customers for their perceptions of price.

Please note: for this ranking, we looked at all homeowners insurance companies in Georgia that had at least 25 reviews, including a rating on price. The ratings displayed are shown out of a 5-star scale.

  1. USAA* (USAA profile on Clearsurance): Georgia price rating of 4.36
  2. State Farm (State Farm profile on Clearsurance): Georgia price rating of 3.90
  3. Travelers (Travelers profile on Clearsurance): Georgia price rating of 3.88

*USAA is only available to active and former military members and their families.

These insights into the top three Georgia homeowners insurance carriers that provide home insurance quotes on Clearsurance should get you started on the right track when you begin your research. Finding the best, cheapest homeowners insurance in Georgia is within your reach. Be sure to visit Clearsurance’s Georgia home insurance rankings page to find the best companies in your zip code.