Grouting Tile Trouble Free

Grouting Tile


Last week in our forum, a user asked an interesting question: “I haven’t grouted yet, what trouble will I have when I do?”

What I found most interesting about the question was the phrasing. It wasn’t “what trouble might I encounter”—this DIYer had already resigned him or herself to the fact that grouting was going to be a problem no matter what.

Through the years, I’ve watched capable people shy away from one home improvement task or another, based on either preconceived notions or bad first-time experiences. But there are tips to help you out in every project, and grouting is no exception.

For step-by-step details, I recommend the tutorial How To: Grout Tile, which is an excellent, comprehensive guide. For more, take a look at my video overview of the tile installation process, right here: