How to Shop for Home Insurance in Texas

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Homeowners insurance is necessary, but it isn’t cheap. Finding the right policy that ensures that your home is covered for an unexpected event may take some time.

Homeowners in Texas should be particularly careful in ensuring that they select the right policy. Price alone isn’t a good gauge because some of the worst damage to homes in Texas can be caused by flooding—which isn’t usually part of standard home insurance policies.

Keep reading below to learn more about how to shop for home insurance in Texas.

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How to shop for home insurance in Texas

Shopping for home insurance is a time-consuming task. There are a few things to keep in mind when you start.

  • The cheapest policy might not be the right policy for you. However, you should consider the price before purchasing a policy.
  • Comparing quotes from multiple insurers will give you the best idea of how much you’ll be paying.
  • Reading customer reviews that highlight personal experiences can shed light on things that you didn’t realize were important to you.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to find customer reviews about insurance companies and that those reviews can point you to the right Texas home insurance for you.

As the first bullet point notes above, the cheapest policy isn’t always the right policy. This is particularly true in Texas, where unpredictable and severe weather can cause damage to homes. Additionally, much of this type of damage isn’t covered by a basic home insurance policy. You’ll need to investigate either separate insurance or ask about a rider. Be sure to look into the company Twico, which includes flood coverage on Texas home insurance policies for qualifying homes.

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Make sure to ask about coverage options

Flood insurance is an example of why you need to ask about additional coverage. Flood insurance typically isn’t part of a basic home insurance policy, but flooding is a major cause of damage to homes and property in Texas. Confusion over coverage arises when homeowners experience damage from flooding after a hurricane, only to find out that hurricane damage and flood damage are treated differently by homeowner insurance policies.

Hail damage is another thing to consider when shopping for Texas home insurance. Due to the frequency of hail storms, many homeowners insurance policies in Texas now carry a separate deductible for wind and hail damage.

Get quotes from multiple companies

Researching rates from multiple companies takes time, but it’s important. It’s the best way to find the best rate for the coverage you need, keeping in mind that you need to research more than just cost.

Ask about bundling

When you’re doing your research and getting quotes, ask if having multiple policies can save you money. Although not every insurer offers a full range of insurance products, many do. Having multiple policies such as your home and auto with one company can save you money.

If you take the time to use the tips for shopping for home insurance outlined above, you should be able to find good prices on Texas home insurance.

The top 3 home insurance companies in Texas, according to customers’ insurance ratings

Clearsurance has identified the three best Texas home insurance companies, according to customer reviews as of June 2020.

Below are the best companies, as rated by customers, for homeowners insurance in Texas that offer quotes on This includes an analysis of common trends found in reviews.

Please note: In order to qualify for the list, companies must sell homeowners insurance in Texas, have at least 25 homeowners insurance reviews, and they must be a Clearsurance affiliate and offer quotes on the site. For a complete and updated list of the top-rated companies in Texas, you can visit the Texas home insurance rankings page. On this page, you can also get insurance recommendations based on your specific requirements and zip code.

1. Lemonade insurance for Texas home insurance

Lemonade is a renters and homeowners insurance company that makes the insurance buying process and claims experience quicker and easier than many traditional companies by providing customers with a seamless online insurance buying experience. Additionally, Lemonade also donates to charities of your choosing with the leftover premiums after claims are paid out. Lemonade has earned a score of 4.84 out of 5.00 stars on Clearsurance for homeowners insurance. This high score makes it the top choice for Texas homeowners.

Pros: Customers like the transparent pricing and Texas homeowners should feel comfortable knowing that a variety of coverage options are available. Flexible billing and a user-friendly website are also highlighted as benefits.

Cons: The only major downside to Lemonade insurance as reported by customers is a lack of rewards for loyal customers.

Lemonade policyholders tend to be really happy and satisfied with their Lemonade insurance experiences.

  • 92% of customers say they have plans to renew their policies.
  • 95% of customers say their experience was positive.
  • 94% of Lemonade customers say they’d recommend the insurance to a friend.

In one of Lemonade’s many positive reviews on Clearsurance, a reviewer in Texas said, “They [Lemonade] were super fast and easy to work with when I had to file a claim from hail damage. Agent was super helpful as I recently bought my first home.

Read all of the Lemonade insurance reviews on

2. Esurance for Texas homeowners insurance

Esurance is another Texas home insurance company that has taken a modern approach with the use of technology. Esurance customers are generally very positive when speaking about their home insurance. For homeowners insurance, Esurance has a Clearsurance score of 4.34 out of 5.00 stars.

Pros: Among the benefits of going with Esurance, customers list flexible billing, a variety of coverage, and transparent pricing. Esurance also gets positive feedback for an easy-to-use website and for explaining coverage well.

Cons: As with Lemonade above, the most frequently listed “con” for Esurance is the lack of recognition by rewarding loyal customers.

An analysis of customer reviews turns up solidly positive data for Esurance.

  • 74% of Esurance customers are likely to renew.
  • 77% of Esurance customers would recommend the insurance to a friend.
  • 75% of Esurance customers rate their claims experience positively.

After assessing all Esurance reviews, this review from a Texas homeowner discusses a customer’s coverage and price experience with Esurance. In the review, the customer said, “Esurance has the best pricing with the best coverage, even before bundling my house and cars. Nobody comes close, I’m not sure why they give me such a good deal but I’m definitely not complaining.

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3. Allstate Insurance for Texas homeowners insurance

Allstate Insurance is nationally known and well-recognized. Customers provide positive feedback about the company’s performance in a number of key areas. Also, the company’s size means that it offers a lot of different types of insurance, increasing the chance that homeowners may be able to “bundle” policies for a discounted rate.

For homeowners insurance, Allstate has a score of 3.99 out of 5.00 stars on Clearsurance, making it the third highest-ranked partner that offers Texas homeowners insurance.

Pros: How Allstate communicates with its customers rates well on, with customers praising the company’s explanation of coverage and its easy-to-use website. Billing practices are rated highly, too, with transparent pricing and flexible billing options cited as positives. Additionally, customers also mention a wide variety of coverage options from Allstate as important to them.

Cons: In the analysis of customer feedback, no clear trending “cons” stood out.

With lots of positive feedback, Allstate customers on Clearsurance rate the company highly.

  • 80% of Allstate customers are likely to renew.
  • 78% of Allstate customers would recommend the insurance to a friend.
  • 77% of Allstate customers rate their claims experience positively.

When looking at Allstate reviews, you can see why customers tend to rate Allstate to highly. A Texas Allstate customer said in a Clearsurance review, “This company is amazing!! Anytime I need help or more information, their reps have always been equipped with great information. After some months now, I would not want to be with any other insurance provider.

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A unique Texas home insurance option, Twico (The Woodlands Financial Insurance Company)

Twico has a specialized Texas homeowners insurance offering. Flooding is a frequent problem for much of Texas, which may require homeowners to purchase a separate flood insurance policy to receive protection for flood damage to their home. Instead of having to purchase it separately, Twico offers Texas homeowners insurance that includes flood insurance coverage for qualifying homes.

Please note: Twico is a Clearsurance partner, but did not qualify for the top-3 list above because it did not reach the review threshold of 25 reviews. We’re including Twico in this blog because of its specialized flood coverage offering for Texas homeowners.

Overall, Twico has a Clearsurance score of 3.40 out of 5.00 for homeowners insurance. This Twico review submitted by a Texas homeowner discusses the customer’s positive experience. The customer shared, “Great company. Love the fact that I can bulk my flood insurance + home insurance onto one policy! They are the 1st company in TX to offer anything like this. I also have my identity theft + equipment breakdown through Twico on the same homeowners policy. They also offer automated payments which makes it easy. Great customer service too. Twico is a solid company. Keep up the good work!”

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The top 3 Texas home insurance companies based on customer price rating

When shopping for Texas home insurance, price is one of the most important things to consider. Clearsurance analyzed Texas companies and how customers rated the company for the price of their policy.

Below you can find the top 3 Texas home insurance companies rated by customers for their perceptions of price. Please note: for this ranking, we looked at all homeowners insurance companies in Texas that had at least 50 reviews that included a rating on price. The ratings displayed are shown out of a 5-star scale.

  1. USAA*: price rating of 4.37
  2. Allstate: price rating of 3.93
  3. Farmers: price rating of 3.68

*USAA is only available to military members and their families. Read: Am I eligible for USAA?

Since homeowners insurance is so important in Texas with the state’s severe weather, it’s extremely important to make sure you have the best Texas home insurance company. To save you time and money, you can learn from the experiences of other homeowners. Visit Clearsurance’s Texas home insurance rankings page to discover the best Texas companies, according to customers.