House Envy: Brick Beauty in TX

HOUSE STYLE: Neoeclectic


PRICE: $295,500

HOUSE STATS: 2,176 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 baths

The Open Plan. You’d never know it from the exterior but inside this bulky, brick home are tall, arch-topped portals mark the transition from one airy room to the next. While encouraging family interaction, this layout also accommodates the need for privacy, especially in the tucked-away bedrooms. Throughout, the high ceilings slope at a irregularly pitches, adding a further dimension to the home’s fluid feel and making it seem larger than the modest footprint would lead you to expect.

Warm Tones. From the earthy, yellow-orange kitchen tile to the salmon-shade pavers in the backyard, the home’s finishes and surfaces are warm in color and invitingly textured. We’re especially fond of the accent wall in the living room; the rich, dusty yellow nicely complements the white stone fireplace. In the kitchen, the wood cabinets’ rustic look is balanced by the sleek black appliances and glossy, gray-black counters.

The Yard. The broad wall facing the rear of the property is punctured by a network of large windows looking onto the patio and lawn area. Shaded by mature trees and edged by foliage screens and wood fencing, the sizable yard is ideal for children’s recreation and outdoor entertaining.

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