Lennox’s Feel the Love Giveaway Provides No-Cost Heating and Cooling Equipment to Deserving Community Members

Discover how the Lennox Feel the Love Program has helped others in prior years, and learn how to nominate a deserving member of your community.
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The Sig Cox team of thirteen men wearing matching red "Feel the Love" Lennox shirts are standing in front a Sig Cox truck.
Photo: Lennox Residential HVAC

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Last year, Nicole Nelson was selected as a winner for the Lennox Feel the Love Program and received a new HVAC system. Nelson is a doctor in Augusta, Ga., who previously served in the United States Army to help cover her medical school expenses. After completing her service, Nelson says, “I basically became financially stable and decided to buy a house that was too big for me and to start fostering kids.” After starting with a few foster children, that she soon adopted, the children’s biological mother had more children. “It just made sense to say yes every time a sibling was born. Each year after that, I got another kid,” recounts Nelson.

As a single mother with four adoptive children and one foster child (who Nelson has since adopted), times were understandably challenging. Nelson owned her 2-story home, but was struggling to cover all the necessary expenses. She had recently replaced one of the HVAC units, but it never worked properly. “I had gotten a quote for it in the past, and it was not up to code and was going to cost me $10,000. And, so I didn’t have that money ready,” says Nelson.

Upon hearing about the Feel the Love program from Jeff Miller, the owner of Sig Cox Heating and Air, a local Lennox dealer in Augusta, Nelson’s parish priest nominated her. He described Nelson as “a caring individual trying to make a difference in these children’s lives and to make the world a better place for everyone.”

Sharing how the new HVAC system has impacted her life, Nelson says, “It’s been huge. Because for one, my air conditioning actually works! I didn’t realize how fritzy my other one was until I received the new system because the same temperature is a lot cooler.” The new thermostat that came with the unit has been equally impactful. “It connects to the phone and it locks! It sounds crazy, but that’s the thing I think of most about this air conditioner is that my kids can’t turn it on or off.”

The Feel the Love Giveaway made such a big difference in Nelson’s life. “Now I don’t have that worry that at some point I was going to have to pay $10,000. I was trying to put money aside for when my air conditioner died, but that money has since now gone for food and shoes for my eldest, who likes to go through shoes rapidly.” Who do you know that could also benefit from a free HVAC system?

What is Lennox’ Feel the Love program?

“In 2009, Lennox’ Wisconsin sales team created the idea for a program (Heat Up Wisconsin) that would engage Lennox dealers and employees in a local partnership with their communities to nominate deserving families in need of a helping hand—specifically those needing a new furnace—prior to the start of the cold weather season,” says Lanessa Bannister, vice president and general manager of Lennox Residential HVAC. In the years that followed, the scope and impact of the program has expanded.

Today, the Feel the Love program “allows individuals to nominate a local hero or community member in need to receive Lennox heating or cooling equipment and installation at no cost,” Bannister says. The company has given back to many of these local heroes over the years. “Since its creation, the program has performed over 2,300 installations and donated over $12.6 million in materials,” says Bannister. Local Lennox dealers also help make this program possible, donating their time to install the units in the homes of selected recipients.

Nominate a deserving community member and spread the word.

As you’re reading more about the program and hearing about Nicole Nelson’s story, you may be thinking about someone in your community who could similarly benefit from a new, no-cost heating and cooling system. Nominate them before August 31, 2024, through the Feel The Love program’s website. The recipients will be selected shortly after the nomination window closes and will receive their new systems in early October. Don’t forget to spread the word in your community and encourage others to nominate their unsung heroes.