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LUTRON Serena Cellular Shades


Lutron Shades


LUTRON, a brand commonly known for its innovations in light control and dimmers, recently added a new and more affordable—starting at $299—line of cellular shades with Serena.

The remote-controlled Serena Cellular Shades, which can be mounted easily inside or outside window frames, are available in more than 50 fabric colors and a choice of opacity, from sheer and translucent to room darkening.  Since all fabric shades come with a white backing, they not only provide a uniform look from the outside but offer light reflecting benefits that help keep interiors cool during summer months.

The battery-powered Serena Cellular Shades feature a patent-pending Triathlon technology that extends the life of store-bought batteries up to three years, making frequent replacement unnecessary. The shades can be operated with either an infra-red (requiring line of site) or wireless (control from anywhere in the room) remote.

For more on the Serena Cellular Shades and other Lutron products, visit the company’s website here.

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