Martha Stewart and Bob

By Larry Bilotti | Updated May 28, 2021 10:23 AM

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You may remember Bob’s blog post a couple weeks ago in which he shared a photo of himself with Charlie Sheen on the set of Hot Shots Part Duex. We’ve reached into the video archives and discovered another blast from the past. This one is an early video from Bob Vila Home Again in which Martha Stewart offers her advice and guidance on outfitting a homeowner’s newly built greenhouse.

See Martha and the homeowner shop the Bedford, MA, nursery of the late Allen C. Haskell—dubbed the “Father of Topiaries” by Martha—and get his personal advice on plant selection and a rare glimpse into his private topiary greenhouse.  Then join Martha and Bob as they visit the homeowner and see the plants in their beautiful new surroundings.

Since Martha is all about entertaining, she shares some of the table setting details that have become her trademark.  And, there is a secret revealed about homeowner Diana Barrett (pictured above between Martha and Bob), but you’ll have to watch the segment to find out more.