How to Shop and Save Money on Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance

Find the best and cheapest homeowners insurance in Massachusetts.

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Shopping for homeowners insurance can be a complicated process, but it’s critical if you want the right coverage at the best price. Massachusetts homeowners insurance rates are slightly higher than the national average, so it’s important to know how to do your homework to get the best rates.

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This article will walk you through the basics of shopping for a policy, and cover such topics as how to find the best home insurance plans for you, the top three home insurance companies in Massachusetts according to customers, and the top three Massachusetts homeowners insurance companies based on customer price ratings.

Best home insurance in Massachusetts

If you’re looking for Massachusetts home insurance, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the right amount of coverage at the best rate. Remember, securing the lowest possible price isn’t the only goal. You also want to make sure that you are getting the coverage you need, from a reputable company.

Here are some tips for buying home insurance in Massachusetts:

Get quotes from multiple companies

This is the number one tip you should keep in mind when shopping for home insurance in Massachusetts. Consider getting quotes from at least three different companies to compare and save.

Insurers use a fairly standard set of factors when determining your premium rate, but each company weighs these factors differently. This is why you can end up with different premium rates on the same house with the same amount of coverage. So, getting quotes from multiple companies is a must.

Ask if they offer multi-line discounts

Grouping or consolidating different types of insurance such as home, auto, and any additional coverages with one insurer is called “bundling” your policies. Insurance companies like it when customers buy multiple types of insurance with them, so they will often provide an incentive (discounts) to encourage people to bundle their policies. If you like your auto insurance company, ask if they offer homeowner insurance in Massachusetts.

Consider a higher deductible to save money

The deductible is the amount you pay to cover damage before your insurance coverage kicks in. When you choose a higher deductible, you are accepting greater financial responsibility for damage, and this means that the insurer will pay less in the event of an accident. Having a policy with a higher deductible will generally reduce your premium.

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The top 3 home insurance companies in Massachusetts, according to customers

Here are the top three home insurance companies in Massachusetts that offer quotes, as rated by customers on This includes an analysis of common trends found in reviews and statistics sourced from the reviews. When shopping around for Massachusetts homeowners insurance, consider getting quotes from companies that customers review highly.

Please note: In order to qualify for the list, companies must sell homeowners insurance in Massachusetts, have at least 25 homeowners insurance reviews in the last two calendar years, and they must be a Clearsurance subscriber and offer quotes on the site. For a complete and updated list of the top-rated companies in Massachusetts, you can visit the Massachusetts homeowners insurance rankings page. On this page, you can also get insurance recommendations based on your specific requirements and zip code.

1. Lemonade Insurance for Massachusetts homeowners insurance

Lemonade’s customers speak very highly of the company, as you can see in Lemonade reviews on If you are looking for home insurance in Massachusetts that provides great customer service, add Lemonade to your list for consideration. Lemonade earned a score of 4.85 for home insurance out of 5.00 stars on as of July 2020. You can get a quote for Lemonade insurance quickly online.

Pros: Customers on Clearsurance praise Lemonade’s easy-to-use website and clear and transparent pricing. Lemonade also receives high marks for explaining coverage well, and offering lots of coverage options.

Cons: The only negative mentioned by customers is that Lemonade doesn’t reward loyal customers.

The majority of Lemonade customers are very happy with their experiences, as you can see in the statistics below pulled from reviews on

  • 92% of Lemonade customers are likely to renew
  • 94% of Lemonade customers would recommend the insurance to a friend
  • 95% of Lemonade customers rate their claims experience positively

One of the positive reviews Lemonade received was written by a customer who experienced wind and water damage to their home. In the review, they state, “Lemonade is the best insurance company I have come across. In your time of need they won’t leave you stranded. I had terrible wind and water damage to my home. They were fast, effective and communicated with us every step of the way.”

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2. Allstate Massachusetts homeowners insurance

Allstate (Allstate profile page on Clearsurance) is a well-known national brand, and the reviews provided on Clearsurance reflect a largely happy customer base. Allstate earned a score of 3.99 out of 5.00 stars for home insurance on as of July 2020. Allstate allows you to get a quote online.

Pros: Customers on Clearsurance say they enjoy Allstate’s flexible billing options and transparent pricing. Other key positives include a wide range of coverage options and an easy-to-use website.

Cons: No “cons” were listed by customers in the analysis of reviews.

Allstate’s customer base is largely pleased with their coverage, as reflected in the feedback from customers who wrote a review on

  • 80% of Allstate customers are likely to renew
  • 78% of Allstate customers would recommend the insurance to a friend
  • 77% of Allstate customers rate their claims experience positively

One Massachusetts Allstate policyholder praised their customer service in a review. “My experience with Allstate was great. Every time I had an issue with a payment or status of my insurance, their customer service was always super helpful.”

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3. The Andover Companies Massachusetts homeowners insurance

The Andover Companies is a local group of companies based in Andover, Massachushetts. The group consists of Merrimack Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Cambridge Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and Bay State Insurance Company. The Andover Companies is a highly rated option for Massachusetts homeowners insurance. It earned a score of 3.93 out of 5.00 stars for home insurance on

The Andover Companies has loyal policyholders, as you can see in the following statistics from customers that wrote reviews on

  • 75% of Andover Companies customers are likely to renew
  • 79% of Andover Companies customers would recommend the insurance to a friend

One Massachusetts policyholder recommended the insurance company in their review, stating, “A pipe leak caused significant damage to my kitchen and finished basement. The adjuster was at my home the next day and was very attentive and responsive throughout the claims process. I was extremely satisfied with the service I received in a difficult and stressful time in our lives.”

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The top 3 Massachusetts homeowners insurance companies based on customer price rating

While there are many factors to consider when shopping for Massachusetts homeowners insurance, among the most important is price. You should make sure that you don’t overpay for Massachusetts home coverage. Clearsurance analyzed Massachusetts companies and how customers rated them on the price of their policy.

Below you can find the top three Massachusetts home insurance companies rated by customers for their perceptions of price.

Please note: for this ranking, we looked at all homeowners insurance companies in Massachusetts that had at least 25 reviews that included a rating on price. The ratings displayed are shown out of a 5-star scale.

  1. USAA Insurance*: price rating of 4.60
  2. Safety Insurance: price rating of 4.25
  3. Allstate Insurance: price rating of 4.21

*USAA is only available to military members and their families. Read: Am I eligible for USAA?

If you know how to shop for Massachusetts home insurance and take the time to research your options (most of which can be done online), you can find the best rates for the right coverage for your home. Be sure to visit Clearsurance’s Massachusetts homeowners insurance rankings page to get customized recommendations based on your specific requirements.