This Is the Most Pinned Interior Design Style on Pinterest

Are you ready to feel the “Pinfluence”?

By Alexa Erickson | Published Feb 18, 2021 4:45 PM

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Remember when the quest for interior design inspiration involved stacks of magazines with dog-eared pages? That messy, cluttered world has been transformed by the internet’s mood board, Pinterest, which has created a whole new way of finding and organizing design inspiration. With so many designers to follow and such a range of styles to pin, it seems impossible to pick a favorite, but Budget Direct Home Insurance has tried. The company recently crunched the numbers to suss out the most popular interior design style on Pinterest, as well as the top interior designer. Did your favorites make the cut?


The Most Pinned Interior Design Style

Budget Direct used to make a comprehensive list of interior design styles, then tapped their own data scientists to find out how many times each style was pinned on Pinterest. They found that among the top 10 design styles on Pinterest, vintage is the most popular, with 2,665,779 pins. Given the style’s long history and the many images available on the internet, it’s not surprising that vintage came out on top.

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Budget Direct found Indian-style interiors to be the second most popular, thanks to their ornate wood furniture and rich colors and patterns. Arts & Crafts, modern, and English complete the top five.

The Most Influential “Pinterior Designer” in the World

After compiling a list of the most influential interior designers in the world, Budget Direct then calculated how many times each one was pinned on Pinterest. Joanna Gaines, best known as the “better half” of the duo on the popular reality TV series “Fixer Upper,” ranked first, with 238,163 pins. The interior design queen of Pinterest is also famed for her fondness for farmhouse chic.

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American Designers Dominate the Top 10

In the list of the top 10 most influential interior designers in the world, American designers nabbed all but one of the spots. Thomas O’Brien falls behind Joanna Gaines, with 168,999 pins. Nate Berkus, Michael Taylor, and Tony Duquette round out the top five. The most pinned interior designer outside America is Belgian Axel Vervoordt, with 69,416 pins. Greg Natale is Australia’s most pinned designer, with 11,985 pins, and the U.K.’s most pinned is Zaha Hadid, with 57,168 pins.

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