Mower Safety Tips from John Deere

Mowing accidents lead to 68,000 trips to the emergency room every year, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. What are you doing to keep yourself safe while operating a mower this summer?

Lawnmower Safety

Since June is National Safety Month, here are a few important reminders to review from John Deere before you jump on the lawnmower and beautify your backyard:

Search before you mow. Tools, yard debris, and toys can easily be hidden among summer foliage. Removing unwanted items not only saves your mower from damage, but it can save you from hazardous flying objects.

Blades move fast, be extra careful! Blades move around 200 mph, a speed no one should play with. Remember to NEVER put your hand inside a mower to clear a clog. Shut off the mower and investigate jams using a stick or tool.

Wear the proper clothing and shoes. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts protect you from the elements – flying yard debris, grass clippings, and the sun. Whenever you’re working in the yard, throw on the sturdy work shoes and save the flip flops for the pool.

Educate the family on the dangers of mowing. Working in the yard is great bonding time, but it’s important that children understand the dangers of lawn cutting tools. Children are always on the move, and they rarely think about consequences. Teach them that mowers are dangerous, and keep them out of the mowing area. Remember to never allow your child to ride on the mower—that only sends the wrong message.

Store fuel properly. When storing fuel, always use approved storage containers and correctly label the container to avoid confusion. Use containers of different colors—green for gasoline and red for diesel.

The salient point being, whether you love or hate mowing the lawn, pay attention when you’re doing it. Accidents happen, so mind yourself and those around, as well as your equipment.

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