My Workbench Today

By Bob Vila | Updated Apr 6, 2013 4:29 PM

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Bob Vila's Workbench


Although I used to have a pretty big workshop back in Cambridge, things changed once we sold the place and became snowbirds. I’m not into any major projects down here in Florida, like building a dining room table, but I still need a place to do minor fix-its.

This bench, originally used for storage, is really perfect for minor projects like re-wiring a lamp. I don’t have any big power tools, but the bench power tools can easily be used on this surface.

As you know, many of the little repairs that we have to do as homeowners require going to the scene of the crime. That’s why I keep that small yellow tray handy so I can take the right tools for the job. The mini storage drawers, top left, are cheap and perfect for all the odds and ends—picture hooks, assorted screws and nails—and things that you’ll never find a use for.

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