Make a Statement with Your Mirror

By Frances Bailey | Updated Nov 14, 2013 8:56 PM

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Large Floor Mirrors - Cheever Place Townhouse

Photo: Leone Design Studio

Mirrors come in a full range of shapes and styles and can fit easily into any decor. But if you really want to make a statement, the mirror must be large!

As any designer will tell you, an oversized mirror makes a small room appear larger. A mirror can also highlight a room’s best feature, whether it be an elegant chandelier or a row of beautiful windows. And if you’re looking to improve the quality of light in a room, there’s no better method than positioning a mirror to reflect natural light during the day and artificial light at night.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is where and how you mount the mirror. If you are hanging it, make sure to account for the mirror’s weight before choosing mounting hardware or anchoring the piece to wall studs.

A standing floor mirror, on the other hand, should rest safely out of the way of room traffic.

A good frame shop can make you a custom piece of course, but here are seven of our favorite readymade versions.


Seeing Double

Oversized Mirror - West Elm Antique Tile Floor Mirror

Antique Tile Floor Mirror from West Elm

With antique-finish reflective tiles on all sides, this oversized mirror is chic in all the right ways. Antique Tiled Floor Mirror, $359;


Delightfully ‘Deco’

Oversized Mirror - Venetian Antique

Extra Large Venetian Mirror from Wisteria

Inspired by a Venetian antique mirror, this gorgeous piece will add a grownup touch to any room (trip to Italy not included). Extra large Venetian Mirror, $499,


Glamorous Living

Oversized Mirror - Mother of Pearl Floor Mirror

Mother-of-Pearl Mirror from Horchow

Like a sassy pair of high heels, this shimmering oversized mirror adds a fashion-forward element to an interior. Mother of Pearl Mirror, $1749,


Quiet Elegance

Oversized Mirror - Burke Standing Floor Mirror from Pottery Barn

Burke Standing Floor Mirror from Pottery Barn

Trimmed in richly stained wood, this mirror’s grand size makes it perfect for capturing light from nearby windows. Burke Mirror, $699,


Touch of Texture

Oversized Mirror - Genova Mirror from Ballard Design

Genova Mirror from Ballard Designs

For a touch of Mediterranean style, Ballard Designs makes available this layered-look oversized mirror, conveniently light enough to be moved easily. Geneva Mirror, $299,


Keep It Simple

Oversized Mirror - CB2

Infinity Floor Mirror from CB2

Here’s a modern take on the standing floor mirror. With no trim or visible frame, the piece mimics the optical effect created by an infinity pool. Infinity Floor Mirror, $399,


Uptown Style

Oversized Mirror - Hickory Chair

Dauphine Upholstered Floor Mirror from Hickory Chair

Custom-built to your specifications, this finely crafted piece is sure to be an heirloom enjoyed for generations. Dauphine Upholstered Floor Mirror, contact for pricing,


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