5 Things to Do with… Pool Noodles

Almost every swimming enthusiast has used a pool noodle, but there’s a lot more to this colorful flotation device than meets the eye. Here are 5 cool new uses for pool noodles (swimming pool not required).

By Caylin Harris | Updated Jun 7, 2015 5:02 PM

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Brightly colored pool noodles usually evoke images of relaxing summer days spent lazily afloat, but these versatile water toys can do more than assist you in soaking up the sun. Lightweight and vibrant, pool noodles have the potential to decorate and buffer as well as make your summer afternoons more refreshing all around. Read on for five reasons to snatch these kiddie toys from the pool and use them for crafting.



Pool Noodle Crafts - Garland

Photo: sugarandcloth.com

Celebrate the summer with this super-simple decor idea from Kathleen of Snowdrop & Co.! As a minimal-effort alternative to the ever-popular tissue-paper tassel garland, use a craft knife to slice various colors of pool noodles and then string them in alternating hues onto a length of twine. The end result: an easy way to get festive at any backyard barbecue or porch party.



Pool Noodle Crafts - Wreath

Photo: bravenewhome.com

Showcasing a gorgeous wreath on the front door is a wonderful way to welcome guests to your home—and it’s even more rewarding if you make it yourself. Rather than purchasing an expensive wreath form, simply cut a pool noodle to a length that, when shaped into a circle, complements the size of your door. Duct tape the ends together, wrap the wreath with felt or fabric, add a few decorations (if you’d like) and hang. It’s that easy.



Pool Noodle Crafts - Door Stop

Photo: muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com

Keep kids from accidentally getting their tiny fingers and hands slammed in doors with this genius project from Muslin & Merlot. Cut a pool noodle so that it’s about 10 inches long, and then make a vertical cut on one side. Carve out a little extra in the middle so there’s space to slip it over the side of your door, then sand the edges with fine-grit sandpaper and affix in place. No more slamming!



Pool Noodle Crafts - Drinks Float

Photo: wikihow.com

Nothing pairs more perfectly with a laid-back pool day than refreshing beverages. Now, if you craft this DIY floating cooler, you don’t even need to get out of the water to grab a cool one. To make yours, cut a pool noodle in pieces sized to fit around a lightweight plastic shoe or sweater bin. Run a strong string though the holes in the pool noodle and tie it tightly around the outside of the makeshift cooler. All that’s left is to fill your “cooler” with ice and a few drinks. Be sure to test how much weight the container can hold before loading it up—your refreshments won’t do you any good on the bottom of the pool!



Pool Noodle Crafts - Childproofing

Photo: instructables.com

Anyone who’s ever been pinched by a trampoline’s huge springs will be thankful for this affordable hack. Keep little ones’ toes safe and sound with these easy directions from Instructables: Measure the length of the trampoline springs and then use a serrated kitchen knife to cut pool noodles into pieces of that size. Cut a vertical slit on one side of each pool noodle piece, then slide one piece over each spring surrounding your trampoline. It takes only about 10 minutes to save you a season’s worth of injuries.