The Best Protective Gear to Wear During Projects

The best protective gear is durable, well-fitting, and comfortable to keep you safe on a worksite.

By Oliver Harriett | Published Feb 23, 2021 2:42 PM

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The Best Protective Gear Option


Working on a job site is full of potentially dangerous accidents. Before you can begin work, it’s important to suit up and wear the proper protective equipment. Putting on helmets, safety clothing, closed-toed shoes, and goggles is necessary to protect you from bodily injuries during unexpected accidents on the job. This equipment doesn’t just offer safety: it’s also comfortable to wear for long shift periods. The best protective gear is comfortable to wear, the right type for the job at hand, and even colorful to keep you visible on job sites.

Our Top Picks

We looked at a range of products and considered factors like durability, material, and price to determine the best protective gear.

Best Overall

The Best Protective Gear Option: Honeywell Fibre-Metal P2A Hard Hat

Honeywell’s Fibre-Metal Hard Hat uses a proprietary injection-molded fiberglass compound that is eight times stronger than the standard high-density polyethylene hard hat, providing an even denser level of protection for your head. What’s more, an advanced Super-Eight ratcheting suspension system absorbs and balances the pressure from impact over a large area and eight touchpoints on the head, allowing for extraordinary customization of fit and protecting both the head and neck from impact. The front and back of the suspension band are lined with sweat-absorbent and padded terrycloth to make the fit more comfortable. The cap is heat-resistant up to 370 degrees, so it will not warp, crack, or melt in high temperatures. The exterior is coated in a solid matte resin that won’t chip or peel and will accommodate logo stickers or decals easily. A comfortable, adjustable fit and an innovative outer shell make the Honeywell Fibre-Metal a top choice for most users.

Best Welding Helmet

The Best Protective Gear Option: TACKLIFE Professional Welding Helmet

The TACKLIFE Professional Welding Helmet offers a wide range of shades and four sensors that are integrated into the wide visor. The sensors detect the welding arc and adjust the shade to protect your eyes. In low-light conditions, the visor is a yellow-green shade that protects the wearer’s eyes from blue light and reduces eye strain. The darkest shade is dark enough to protect your eyes while arc-air gouging, plasma beam cutting, microplasma arc welding, and electrodes shielding. If you need to adjust the auto-setting of the visor, a knob on the side allows for custom adjustment. This helmet is designed to be comfortable and lightweight: the hood only weighs 14 ounces, and there’s an adjustable headband. The headband allows you to adjust the helmet’s position to be more comfortable. The helmet comes with a replacement battery, replacement interior and exterior lenses, and a storage bag.  A long-lasting, eco-friendly lithium battery powers the helmet. With its wide range of settings, custom adjustment, and comfortable fit, the TACKLIFE Professional Welding Helmet is a top choice.

Best Beekeeping Suit

The Best Protective Gear Option: Humble Bee 410 Polycotton Beekeeping Suit

The Humble Bee Polycotton Beekeeping Suit protects the whole body from stings. With a removable, double-ring, self-supporting veil, the veil is kept away from the user’s face while at work. It offers a more tailored fit with tight elastic bands around wrists, ankles, and the waist, and even includes elastic thumb and foot holds to keep the suit securely in place. This beekeeping suit also features heavy-duty brass zippers to keep bees out, and double-stitched pockets on the knees, hips, and chest. The medium-weight 50-percent polyester and 50-percent cotton blend provide protection and comfort in most climates.

Best Chainsaw Chaps

The Best Protective Gear Option: Husqvarna 587160704 Technical Apron Wrap Chap

The Husqvarna Technical Apron Wrap Chap is made of tough 1000-denier polyester interspersed with five layers of Tec Warp, then coated with PVC. These chaps will stop a running saw, giving the operator more time to react if contact is made with a running chain. This material is designed to fray and pull apart on contact, clogging the sprockets of the chain and slowing or stopping the chain, either preventing or reducing the severity of injury. The chaps feature a pocket for gear and another specifically for a felling wedge. Heavy-duty acetyl Delran buckles secure the full-length chaps to the operator’s legs. These tough chaps fully cover the front of the leg and wrap completely around the calf for superior coverage, and meet ASTI, ANSI, and OSHA regulations for safety. The waist sizes range from 36 to 42 inches. They are available in gray and black or orange and black for visibility and can be washed in cold water. Extremely reasonably priced, these are suitable for home or professional use.