Bob Vila Radio: 3 Simple Solutions for Sagging Gutters

Besides being an eyesore, sagging gutters put your home at risk, as runaway stormwater plays a role in everything from pest problems to structural issues. Here's what to do if your drainage system isn't holding up its end of the bargain.

By Bob Vila | Updated Sep 25, 2017 4:26 PM

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Sagging gutters: Sort of a good-news-bad-news situation. The bad news is that they’re a common headache for homeowners. The good news? Fixing the issue often takes nothing more than a little readjustment.

Sagging Gutters



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A note of caution: If you’re going to be standing on a ladder, don’t attempt any work until you’ve recruited (or hired) a helper. Handling unwieldy gutter sections on your own can be awkward and potentially dangerous.

Here’s what to know…

One: If your gutters are made of metal—and if the metal in the sagging section appears to be torn or bent—replacing the entire section may be the quickest and most cost-effective solution, given the complexity of the repair options.

Two: If the problem stems from a failure in the screws or stirrups holding the sagging gutter in place—and if tightening and/or relocating the hardware doesn’t do the trick—use a pry bar or locking pliers to remove the screws and stirrup before installing replacements.

Three: If a screw has loosened due to its screw hole being stripped, remove the screw temporarily. Next, insert a small wooden shim, along with a little epoxy. Finally, drive the screw into the hole and through the fascia board, into a rafter end.

Along the way, remember that in order to operate as designed, gutters must slope slightly toward downspouts. So while you certainly don’t want your gutters to sag outward, you don’t want them to be perfectly horizontal either.

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