The Best Snowboard Goggles for Clear Vision

Ice, sun, and snow glare are the enemies of a snowboarder aiming for an unobstructed view of the slopes. While on the mountain, you can protect your eyes with the best snowboard goggles.

By Oliver Harriett | Published Dec 30, 2020 5:07 PM

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The Best Snowboard Goggles Option


Snowboarding goggles provide wraparound protection for your eyes. Snugly-fitted snowboard goggles offer polarized lenses for UV protection and are compatible with a snowboarding helmet. Goggles come with colored lenses that offer different levels of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) that allow different amounts of light to penetrate the visor. This is an important consideration depending on what time of day during which you spend the most time on the slopes. A low VLT is ideal for sunny days but offers low visibility during night-boarding. Choosing the best snowboard goggles means considering the time and weather you’ll use them most often in.

Our Top Picks

We considered factors such as duration of use, weather conditions, fit, and lens options to determine the best snowboard goggles.

Best Overall

The Best Snowboard Goggles Option: ZIONOR X4 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

ZIONOR X4 Snowboard Goggles have a spherical design that provides over 180 degrees of visibility, offering a wider field of vision and reducing the amount of necessary head turn. A removable dual-layer lens allows users to change lenses based on snowboarding conditions and varying light levels. The optimized vent channels within the goggles’ frame help increase airflow and reduce fogging. This is combined with a flexible yet durable TPU frame that is lined with a soft sponge. The elastic strap contains silicone strips to prevent slipping. All lenses provide 100 percent UV400 protection.


The Best Snowboard Goggles Option: ZIONOR X10 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

These COPOZZ G1 Snowboard Goggles offer 100 percent UV protection and are suitable to fit over most eyeglasses. The Revo mirror-coated lens has a large frameless design and an extra-long woven strap to accommodate ski and snowboard helmets. A buckle adjusts the strap for adults and children, and a multilayered foam frame provides breathability and warmth. Additional lenses can be interchanged based on light conditions.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Snowboard Goggles Option: ZIONOR X10 Ski Snowboard Snow Goggles

ZIONOR’s X10 Snowboard Goggles are available in different lens types to suit different light conditions. The advanced lens coating provides UV protection and fog resistance. The ZIONOR X10 can be worn over eyeglasses thanks to a carefully engineered cutout in the frame that doesn’t compromise the overall structure. The rugged lenses use ZIONOR’s Enhanced Durability Tech (EDT) for impact resistance. The unisex design comes with a strap that is compatible with most helmets.

Best for Glasses-Wearers

The Best Snowboard Goggles Option: OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles

OutdoorMaster OTG Snowboard Goggles can be worn over a pair of corrective eyeglasses with an Over-The-Glasses design to achieve a perfect fit without compromising on comfort. The dual-layer lens technology results in a removable, anti-fog lens. The extra-long elastic strap is compatible with many snowboarding helmets. A soft TPU frame conforms well to the faces of adults and older children. These goggles come with a carrying pouch to protect them from scratching during transport or when in storage.