In a New Short Film, BoConcept Steals the Show

Contemporary furniture from BoConcept stars alongside international sensation Mads Mikkelsen in an amusing—and revealing—new short film.

By Kathleen Corlett | Updated Mar 21, 2015 7:54 PM

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BoConcept Storage Bed

Photo: BoConcept

BoConcept furniture returns to the screen in a new short film starring Mads Mikkelsen—the suave Danish actor famous for his role in the NBC series Hannibal. Like an earlier BoConcept film with Mikkelsen, “The Guest” centers on the actor, playing himself, at home in a luxurious villa in Spain. And once more, sleek and modern furniture from the European-based retailer absolutely steals the show—though numerous cameos compete for viewers’ attention.

In its five minute duration, the film sets its sights on answering a lofty question: “What exactly is comfort?” As the plot unfolds with Mikkelsen showing off his new place to an old friend, we see the functionality and versatility of BoConcept living, dining, and bedroom furniture. Although the visiting friend’s interests lie elsewhere, Mikkelsen cannot get over the fact that, while elegant and eye-catching, BoConcept pieces are much more than mere showpieces. As BoConcept designer Mortgen Georgsen says, “Beauty and function must go hand in hand. What’s the point of beautiful design if you cannot use it?”

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