Tools Galore: The Importance of a Pocket Multi-Tool

Tools Galore

Photo: The New York Times

We have been in tool mode here at, posting content from Bob Vila’s Toolbox (published by William Morrow in 1993 and now out of print) while filling out our library with everything you need to know about the category.

We’ve included insights into the historical significance of tools, their evolution over the years, and their present-day best uses. There are quick tips and how-tos, and advice on proper use, care and storage.

So if you are looking for something on keyhole saws, ball preen hammers, Cat’s-Paw pry bars, or standard slip-joint pliers, we’ve got the goods.

Since one of the tools in our library is the pocket knife, I was naturally attracted to the new Switch Modular Pocket Knife that appeared recently in the Home & Garden section of The New York Times.

This handy little pocket companion can be custom configured to include any number of 17 tool options, among them a wire stripper, magnifying glass, wood saw, Philips screwdriver, pliers and LED flashlight.

You can disassemble the unit easily to switch out tools based on need or frequency of use. The device also comes with three interior axles to accommodate 2-6, 4-10, 7-13 tools.

You can watch a demo below to see the tool in action, or find out more at

Bob Vila is on the record saying that, in his opinion, some sort of pocketknife belongs in your pocket most of the time. I say this could be the one to have!

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