Top 5 Posts of the Week: 2013 Edition!

It’s 2013, ladies and gentlemen! And though we might be having a hard time with our New Year’s resolutions already, it was no trouble picking our favorite posts published this past week. Running the gamut from make-your-own organizing solutions to energy-saving improvements that will help you shrink utility bills, this week’s top content promises that it will be a busy year here at

1. 12 Ways to Put your Home on an Energy Diet—TODAY!

Shower Head


Unplug those phone chargers and turn off the lights—it’s time to take the energy conservation pledge.

2. Making a Case for Picture Rails

Picture Rails

Photo: Fougeron Architecture

They say everything comes back into style again eventually, including this lesser-known type of wall molding that’s both decorative and functional at once.

3. Tour the New IKEA House

Ikea House

Photo: Ideabox

Sure we all love shopping for those ultra modern furnishings at IKEA, but a house too?

4. 5 Thrifty DIY Organization Ideas

DIY Organization


When organization is this cute, you’ll find yourself smiling while tidying.

5. How To: Store Christmas Ornaments

Storing Ornaments

Photo: Our Lake Life

It might be hard to admit the holiday season is over, but the final step in dealing with loss is acceptance. Go ahead, pack up those decorations.

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