Top 5 Posts of the Week: Mayan Apocalypse Edition!

A thousand years ago, the Mayans supposedly predicted the world would end today, 12/21/12. And so we’ve tried to make the best of what could be our last week here, giving attention to everything from an updated country kitchen to a gingerbread house larger than some big-city apartments. Since all signs point towards the world living to see another day, we figure it may be safe to linger a little while longer on some of our favorite recent posts.

1. 10 Alternative Wreaths to Make You Forget About Evergreens

Green Apple Wreath


Have you had enough of pine needles and evergreens? Then you’ll love these alternative wreaths!

2. Old Country Farmhouse Gets City-Slick Kitchen

Farmhouse Remodel

Photo: Monchak A+D Design LLC

Everybody loves a good remodel, especially when a country farmhouse gets an unexpectedly modern kitchen!

3. Icicles: Charming or Chancy



If I had to guess… I’d say chancy. Just a hunch.

4. 10 Architectural and Appetizing Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread White House


The yummiest government building we’ve ever seen… that is, until we saw the Gingerbread Buckingham Palace.

5. Decorating Solutions for Tiny Living Rooms

Small Living Room

Photo: Building Blox

Your room is only as small as you think it is. Get the best tips on opening up a minuscule space!

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