Top 5 Posts of the Week: Doormats, Bike Racks, and More!

From doormats to bike racks, we certainly kept busy this week. We looked at the forecast of next year’s remodeling trends, then took a crack at another wine bottle DIY. Now we’re rounding up our favorite pieces of content from the week, just in case you missed them.

1. 12 Daring Doormats

Interesting Doormats

Photo: Daring Ideas

Never thought a doormat could be daring? Think again.

2. Remodeling On the Rise

Remodeling on the Rise

Photo: Century 21

Our Money Matters Monday columnist Joanne Cleaver takes a look at what 2013 will bring in the realm of remodeling and home financing. Spoiler alert: things are looking up!

3. Easy DIY: How to Cut Glass Wine Bottles

DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Photo: Kristina Grosspietsch

The wonderful world of wine bottle DIYs can be yours to explore, too—all you need to know is how to cut that darned glass. So we did.

4. Designing Kids’ Rooms

Fun Kids' Rooms

Photo: the boo and the boy

Get your kids involved in the design of their own rooms. You’ll end up with spaces as unique and awesome as the children themselves.

5. 15 Space Saving Home Bike Racks

Space Saving Bike Racks

Photo: Inthralld

Having a bike shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing valuable floor space. Store your bike and save room, too—you can have it all!

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