Top 5 Posts of the Week: Welcome to December!

From spotlighting our favorite bloggers to compiling an almost never-ending list of DIY ornaments, from hacking new kitchen storage solutions to some tried-and-true painting tips, have a look back at our best offerings from the first week of this sleigh-bell and winter-wonderland month.

1. In the Workshop: Blog Stars 2012 

Picardy Project

Photo: Picardy Project

Meet 2012’s Blog Stars—Meryl and Chris (above) from The Picardy Project, Sarah Fogle of The Ugly Duckling House, and Timothy Dahl of Charles & Hudson and Built By Kids.

2. 58 Outstanding DIY Ornaments 

DIY Bell Jar Ornament


FIFTY-EIGHT! That’s enough for your tree and then some!

3. Rock Salt Vs. Sand to Prevent Slips

Salt vs. Sand


Salt… Sand… Salt… Sand? Which should you use to keep visitors from slipping their way up and down your walkway or drive? Find out.

4. 7 DIY Pantry Hacks and Storage Solutions

Pantry Storage

Photo: Martha Stewart

Who knew a few ingenious storage solutions could change your life in the kitchen completely?

5. My Grandfather’s 7 Secrets to a Perfect Paint Job

Painting Tips


Wise words from a wise man.

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