Video: How to Remove Water Stains from Wood

So your guests didn't use a coaster and now there's a white ring on your coffee table? Here's how to recover.

By | Updated Oct 2, 2017 7:20 PM

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Nothing ruins beautiful antique wood furniture faster than water—and it only takes a few drops of condensation from a cold beverage glass to leave behind a mark. Luckily, you can turn back the clock and save your heirlooms—with one of these trusty tricks.

If the stain is relatively fresh, you might be able to budge it by applying heat from an iron. If the stain is older than a few days, you’ll need an oily substance like mayonnaise to dislodge moisture from the affected area and bring the wood color back.

If the stain is black (not white), then that means it’s beyond the help of these tricks. If that’s the case, you’ll need to live with the look or refinish your furniture.