Doing These 10

Simple Tasks

Around the House Can

Improve Your Life

According to Experts

2. Separate Your Spaces

A separate workspace helps you focus and be more productive because your brain associates the area with work, not with home activities.

5. Create a Closing Routine

Preparing for tomorrow can make your morning smoother, and cleaning can help reduce anxiety, boost your mood, and even improve your sleep.

6. Tackle 2-Minute  Tasks Immediately

Doing small, manageable tasks right away keeps the stress away, and completing these little victories helps you feel confident.

8. Start an Ongoing  Donation Box

As you come across things you don’t want or need, put them in the box—when it’s full, donate the box, then start all over again.

9. Add Some Light

When it comes to lamps and bulbs, choose warm-toned lights to create a cozy, relaxing space.

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