The State of Renting

in 2023

1. Choose the Right Rental

It’s important to find a place that fits your lifestyle. Make a list of your priorities, and consider the following before signing a lease:

3. Communicate With  Your Landlord

Make sure you are confident in their trustworthiness, and evaluate how they respond to your questions and concerns early in the process. Watch for these potential hurdles:

1. Time Your Purchase

Buying a property is an investment of time and money, even if it’s not your first rental. Consider factors that could make or break your purchase:

Final Thoughts

If you have the means to purchase a rental property, 2023 may be a great time to become a landlord or expand your rental business. In addition, if the housing market continues to have difficulties due to higher interest rates, this year may be a better time than ever to be a renter.

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