Things You Should Never

Put in the Dishwasher

To keep these cherished pieces in good condition, wash them by hand in gentle dishwashing liquid, then dry them off with a dish towel.

2. Hand-Painted Glass  and China

To clean a wooden cutting board or utensils, sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface and scrub lightly to remove stuck-on food.

3. Wooden Items

To clean these utensils, wash them or soak them right after use. Keep a dish brush handy to scrub food particles out of the holes in the grater.

5. Graters and Garlic Presses

The thin plastic simply can’t withstand high temperatures. If you want to reuse these containers, wash them by hand and dry them on the dish rack.

6. Recycled Plastic Food Containers

Always wash crystal stemware by hand—and if you want it to have an extra-clear appearance, gently rub it with a soft dishrag dipped in vinegar.

8. Crystal Stemware

Hand-wash all rubber items to keep them in pristine shape.

9. Rubber

Harsh dishwasher detergents find their way into the tiniest nicks, degrading the underlying metal and shortening the life of your pans and skillets.

10. Nonstick Pans

High water pressure, heat, and detergent can strip away any nonstick or protective coatings, which can lessen the effectiveness of the cookware over time and even cause health issues if you use it.

13. Aluminum Cookware

The dishwasher’s high temperature can damage the seals on your cup, and thus compromise the cup’s insulating properties.

14. Insulated Travel Mugs

When exposed to hot temperatures in the dishwasher, the rubber seals can break, and lose their ability to seal. Getting the metal lids wet can rust them, too.

16. Mason Jar Lids

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