for Keeping Cool Without AC

7 Tricks

Ceiling fans can be your best friend come summer, but make sure they are set to run in a counter-clockwise direction.

2. Cook Al Fresco

Keep your house cooler by doing more of your summer cooking on an outdoor grill, or opting for cold salads and sandwiches.

Keep curtains and blinds drawn during the daytime to block heat-generating sunlight.

4. DIY A/C

Simply place a bag of ice in a metal bowl, then position a fan to blow over the ice for homemade air conditioning.

Planting trees in the yard goes a long way to keeping your home cool during the summer.

6. Eliminate Heat Sources

Unplug chargers when not in use, as these can draw additional heat into the home through electrical sockets.

Consider installing a screen door over the front and rear exits.