Things You Didn’t Know

You Could Do With Windex

To remove stains, spray the garment lightly with Windex and let sit for 15 minutes. Blot it with a clean cloth, rinse with cold water, and wash as recommended.

1. Banish Laundry Stains

Don’t use Windex on painted or tinted pieces, however, as it may remove the pigment.

4. Shine Crystal

Water can leave unsightly spots on some types of upholstery, but a spritz of ammonia-free Windex can work wonders on W-code microfiber.

5. Clean Microfiber  Upholstery

Grab a clean cloth, spray some Windex, and gently rub away the wall doodles. Don’t go too wild, though—always test a small spot first to make sure the paint tolerates the treatment.

7. Spot-Clean Walls 

Working in small sections, spray on Windex and dab it with a rag.

8. Freshen Mattresses 

Wipe down plastic, cases, boxes, chests, handles, shovels, pruners, and more.

10. Keep Tools Clean

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