What are Friendship Lamps and Why You and Your BFF Need a Set ASAP

This takes friendship bracelets to a whole new level.

By Alexa Erickson | Published Dec 1, 2020 4:38 PM

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friendship lamps from uncommon goods

Photo: uncommongoods.com

Remember that half-a-heart necklace you wore around your neck that said “best” on it? Your BFF wore the other half, proudly displaying the word “friends.” Sometimes it was a gift given to those you only saw at summer camp to keep you close even when you were far away. Other times it was for your classmate you saw every day—a message to the world that you and your friend were thick as thieves.

As we grow older, the depth of friendship takes on a whole new meaning. We graduate, we start professional jobs, we start families, and we move away from loved ones. Keeping in touch with lifelong friends in spite of this says so much about how deeply you value them in your life. And while many of us may not be willing to sport friendship necklaces anymore, friendship lamps might be exactly what we need to show our love.

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What is a friendship lamp?

Uncommon Goods presents the Long-Distance Friendship Lamp, an aesthetically pleasing way to let your BFF know you’re thinking of them. Each lamp is synced up to another lamp over WiFi. When you’re thinking of your friend, simply touch your lamp and it will light both yours and your friend’s device up with an ambient hue that says “I’m thinking of you.”

stained glass friendship lamps

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How does it work?

The process is fairly simple. Connect the product’s Filimin Bridge to an outlet and your home router, then plug in your friendship lamp and you’re good to go! Just tap your light and your BFF will be elated to see their ambient lighting telling them that they’re on your mind.

You can set up friendship groups.

If your closest group of friends is spread out around the country or world, the Long Distance Friendship Lamp can accommodate groups as well. Assign each member of your pack their own special color, so you know exactly which hue belongs to who.

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Friendship lamps offer plenty of style.

While some friendship-related items can come off as tacky, friendship lamps are anything but. The small lamps from Uncommon Goods come in a mid-century modern wood-like style that looks fashionable yet inconspicuous on a table. There are other options available on Amazon like this super-simple design with a wood base and this decorative design that mimics stained glass.

glowing friendship lamp

Photo: amazon.com

There’s a sweet story behind the original friendship lamps.

The concept of the Long-Distance Friendship Lamp is heartwarming, but the story behind its creation is even more touching. Creators John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen met at Wichita State University, where he was an Associate Professor of Violin and she was a pianist. The two eventually began dating. In 2014, using their combined knowledge from John’s second career as an electrical engineer and Whalen’s as a psychotherapist, the duo built their first lamps together in their basement as a way to connect John’s family members throughout the country. That same year, John proposed to Vanessa on Christmas morning.

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