The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Jan 2, 2015 12:27 PM

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When we were weighing options for our home, a new construction, I was almost certain we wouldn’t elect to put in a central vac system. The price tag was high—we could buy 5-10 amazing vacuums for what the system would cost to install. Besides, what did I care? I’d always hated vacuuming and left most of it for my husband. But when I saw the way his eyes lit up at the salesman’s pitch during our selections appointment, I decided we should splurge. It would make him immensely happy, I knew.

Central Vacuum System

Photo: JNoonan

What I didn’t realize is that, with a central vacuum, I would soon develop an outright passion for a chore that I previously abhorred. My husband almost never gets to vacuum anymore, because I do it every chance I get! I never bruise a leg dragging an unwieldy canister behind me. And I never get that dusty vacuum smell (or the flying dust that comes with it) in my house anymore. I vacuum my baseboards twice a month, whereas once I was lucky to do it twice a year. Nowadays, I regularly vacuum my kitchen cabinets, my cooktop, my window sills, behind my washer/dryer, and even behind my toilets. I am a true convert, and feel it was well-worth the money we spent on it.

Here are the top four reasons I love my central vac:

1. There’s no heavy canister to pull, or bulky unit to push around. And I never have to wrestle a vacuum up the stairs.

2. The power unit is in the garage, so all the noise and dirt stays on the outside of the house.

3. Because the unit is stationary and out-of-the-way, it can house a bigger motor. Extra power means that my central vac works a lot better than any traditional vacuum I’ve used.

4. My vacuum hose is 30 feet long! And it plugs into several outlets throughout the house. I can reach, and vacuum, literally anything I want to.

As a bonus, like any appliance, our central vacuum adds value to our house. But nowhere near the value it adds to my cleaning ritual. Even my young children want to use it. I might let them take over the vacuuming one day—but probably not!

Central Vacuum System - child

Photo: JNoonan