The Best Wild Bird Seed for Attracting Beautiful Birds

The best wild bird seed attracts your favorite birds or critters and provides them with important nutrients all year long.

By Oliver Harriett | Updated Jun 14, 2021 12:57 PM

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The Wild Bird Seed Option


Wild bird seed is a popular food choice for attracting wild birds, and there are many different blends available. Just like humans, not every seed or nut attracts every kind of bird. Choosing a blend of seeds and nuts of various sizes ensures that bird enthusiasts have the best chance to enjoy watching a wide variety of birds in their backyard. Sunflower is the seed that attracts the most birds, and it’s a rich source of energy and protein. Millet works well to attract small ground-feeding birds like sparrows, juncos, and doves, but peanuts and safflower kernels will bring jays, cardinals, finches, and woodpeckers. If you’re worried about mess or sprouting seeds, look for blends that have already been shelled, as seeds won’t sprout without their hull. With the best wild bird seed and the proper feeder, bird lovers can watch colorful birds enjoy a feast right from their backdoors.

Our Top Picks

We considered seed blends, nutrition content, and more to find the best wild bird seed for bird lovers.

Best Overall

The Wild Bird Seed Option: Wagner’s 62059 Greatest Variety Blend Wild Bird Food

This deluxe bird food blend by Wagner’s can attract birds of all kinds. It’s made with a blend of 11 different ingredients from white millet to sunflower seeds to peanut kernels, which are best suited for feeding colorful songbirds. Some of the birds that may be attracted to this mix include sparrows, mourning doves, chickadees, and finches. This 16-pound bag of wild bird seed works well in the most common feeders: tube, hopper, or open platform. Using a mix of feeder styles encourages a wider variety of birds to feed comfortably. To store this wild bird seed properly, make sure it’s tightly sealed and placed in a cool, dry location, and off of concrete (which can transfer moisture to the seeds).

Best for Ground Feeders

The Wild Bird Seed Option: Wagner’s 18542 Cracked Corn Wild Bird Food

Ideal for attracting ground-feeding birds and other backyard wildlife, this cracked corn works well on its own or mixed with other seeds for a custom blend. Hopper-style feeders and open trays are best suited for this cracked corn. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy seeing blue jays, quail, pheasants, and other ground-feeding birds come to their yard. Even wild rabbits, chipmunks, and squirrels could appear for a feast.

Best for Platforms

The Wild Bird Seed Option: Audubon Park 12243 Critter Crunch Wild Bird Food

Ideal for attracting a wide variety of songbirds and other backyard wildlife, the Audubon Park wild bird food blend has cracked corn, black oil sunflower seeds, shelled peanuts, and whole peanuts. This blend attracts animals like squirrels, rabbits, and deer, and birds such as cardinals, woodpeckers, and chickadees. Because the ingredients are bulkier than small bird seeds, it’s best to use this food in open-style trays that hang or are near the ground. Placing the feeders near trees or shrubs keeps wildlife somewhat protected as they eat. It comes in a resealable 15-pound bag for continued freshness.

Also Consider

The Wild Bird Seed Option: Wagner’s 53002 Farmer’s Delight Wild Bird Food

Made of high-quality grains and seeds, this wild bird seed is also laced with the essence of cherry for added flavor. The ingredients include millet, milo, cracked corn, and sunflower—something for almost every bird. This blend of wild bird seed can be used in platform, tube, or hopper feeders. Using a variety of feeders helps to attract even more birds who have different feeding preferences. Finches, doves, jays, and more may flock to this blend of wild birdseed.