Andréana Lefton


Andréana Lefton is a writer and educator, focusing on human rights and creating spaces of refuge—in our homes and communities. As a documentary researcher, she has freelanced with The Guardian as well as NPR- and BBC-affiliates. She’s written for On Being, the United Nations, and many non-profit clients in the US, UK, Europe, and Middle East. All that she knows of garden care and interior design she learned from her artistic mother, Jacqueline. She now applies these skills to her life in Chattanooga, TN, where home is an urban art studio with books piled everywhere. Read more at and follow her on Twitter.

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14 Things Your Mail Carrier Wishes You Knew

You may be familiar with famous TV mailmen like Cliff on "Cheers" or Mr. McFeely on "Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood." But what do you know about your own mail carrier? We’ve delved into the ...

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Where to Get the Most Bang for Your Real Estate Buck

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20 Weird and Wacky Destinations for a Family Road Trip

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APRIL 13, 2018 | FRIDAY
9 Bold Rooms That Will Make You Rethink Black Paint

Not so long ago, many homeowners steered clear of black paint, considering it too heavy and overpowering. But the dark shade has recently become a go-to interior design choice, popping up...

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17 Times Shiplap Made the Room

You’ve certainly seen it—but you may not know what it's called or how versatile it is. Shiplap is a series of grooved wooden boards joined horizontally to give a rustic, cozy appearance. ...

Love Old Houses? These Are the AirBnBs for You

Do you have an appreciation for historic homes and old-time architecture? Then consider booking your vacation lodging through Airbnb. The virtual hospitality service, which connects users...