Donna Boyle Schwartz


Donna Boyle Schwartz is a well-known home furnishings writer and editor, who has worked with leading magazines and newspapers for more than 30 years. In addition to serving as Lifestyle Editor and News Editor for the Newburgh-Beacon Evening News, Donna spent over a decade as Managing Editor of Home Furnishings News. She researches and writes on a vast range of home-related topics including housewares, furniture, home fashions, flooring, remodeling, construction, antiques, art, garden, collectibles, and color/design trends. An enthusiastic DIYer, she has a shed full of tools and a house full of projects.

Donna earned Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Illinois. With her husband David, she has owned and run a successful independent media and marketing consulting firm since 1986.

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MAY 31, 2012 | THURSDAY
Top Tips for Installing a Small Backyard Pond

Nothing quite soothes the soul like the sound of burbling water. Even though we have a long and narrow backyard, we always wished we had room for a small water garden. The opportunity aro...

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Updating an Entry Hall

Retro styling is all the rage today, but sometimes “retro” is synonymous with “regrettable. ”The entry hallway to our house is a case in point. When we moved in, we tried to convince ours...

MARCH 12, 2012 | MONDAY
Turning a Frown Upside Down: Repurposing Bricks to Make a Walkway

No one likes cleaning up after a storm. But when the storm causes structural damage to your home, the cleanup process is even more distressing. Sometimes, however, you can find a silver l...

Free Your Pots & Pans from Cupboard Captivity: Install a Pot Rack

Our kitchen needs more cabinets—and more counter space. Indeed, who has a kitchen with enough of these precious amenities? The only friends I know with sufficient cabinet space are tall p...

Making Friends with a Detail Sander: Refinishing Your Front Door

I love wood. Maybe it’s the way the surface glows when sunlight suffuses the grain, lighting up any room with golden radiance. Or maybe it’s the tactile pleasure of rubbing my hand over a...

When Remodeling Uncovers Hidden Treasures

Ask any seasoned renovator or restoration contractor and they will have at least one good demolition story to tell—not so much about the one that got away, but perhaps about the one that ...