Glenda Taylor


Glenda Taylor is a freelance writer for the residential remodeling, homebuilding, and commercial roofing industries. She and her husband have been general contractors for over 20 years, and Ms. Taylor has written for leading media outlets, including the Houston Chronicle, SFGate, and the eHow Now Live Handyman Channel (a division of as well as National Association of Homebuilders. In addition to her construction experience, Ms. Taylor is a Master Gardener, a former real estate professional, a universal design enthusiast, and an advocate for green building practices. The recipient of Journalism and Marketing degrees from the University of Kansas and Bauder College respectively, she enjoys life on a farm in the Midwest with her husband and their "children"—five Saint Bernards! Connect with Glenda Taylor on LinkedIn.

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JUNE 18, 2020 | THURSDAY
The Best Peel and Stick Backsplash for Easy Updates

Backsplashes not only protect walls splatters and damage, they also add a design element that has an enormous impact on the look of the entire room. Installing a real tile backsplash is a...

JUNE 16, 2020 | TUESDAY
15 Little Signs Your House Has a Big Problem

Small home annoyances are sometimes indicators of a bigger structural problem. Learn to recognize the signs of these maintenance issues that need to get addressed sooner rather than later.

JUNE 16, 2020 | TUESDAY
10 Times Homeowners Should Hire a Financial Advisor

Life comes with monetary ups and downs, so if you aim to meet the financial goals you’ve established—or learn how to set such goals in the first place—a financial advisor can help. These ...

JUNE 16, 2020 | TUESDAY
The Best Dog Houses for Pets of All Sizes

The best dog house not only shields your pooch from snow and driving rain, but it also offers him a secure space he can call his own. No matter the weather, all dogs should have a shelter...

JUNE 11, 2020 | THURSDAY
10 Tips on How to (Safely) Arrange for Home Repairs During a Pandemic

The last thing any homeowner (or renter) wants is to come home to a kitchen floor flooded by a leaking dishwasher, or a house that's sweltering because the AC stopped working. While these...

JUNE 9, 2020 | TUESDAY
10 Real Estate Costs That Are Always Negotiable

A house is a big-ticket item—indeed, buying or selling one may amount to the biggest transaction of your life. So you ought to be aware that with smart negotiation, you can reduce costs, ...

JUNE 7, 2020 | SUNDAY
The Best Hand Planes for Woodworking

For shaving down the side of a wood door that’s sticking or smoothing the surface of a wavy board, the humble hand plane works extraordinary well. These simple hand tools have been around...

JUNE 7, 2020 | SUNDAY
The Best Portable Air Conditioners for Your Home

Window AC units and full-blown central air conditioning systems aren’t a viable option in many homes and buildings. Fortunately, in these situations it's often possible to fall back on on...

The Best Spring Clamps for DIY Projects

Spring clamps are a great solution for when you need a "helping hand" on a woodworking or home improvement project. These strong-jaw little clamps hold materials together, tight...

The Best Strap Wrenches for Plumbing Repairs

If you do any sort of plumbing repairs, you already know how difficult it can be to remove twist-on connectors that have corroded or are otherwise stuck. Tongue-and-groove plumbers’ plier...