Glenda Taylor


Name: Glenda Taylor

Title: Staff Writer,

Glenda Taylor is a freelance writer for the residential remodeling, home building, and home improvement industries. She started writing for in 2016 and covers a range of topics, including construction methods, code compliance, tool use, and the latest news in the housing and real estate industries.  

Expertise and Experience

Glenda and her husband are residential contractors. She’s written for leading media outlets including the Houston Chronicle and SFGATE. She was the manager of the former eHow Now Live Handyman Channel (a division of, and her work has appeared on This Old House and the National Association of Home Builders

In addition to her construction experience, Glenda is a master gardener, a former real estate professional, a universal design enthusiast, and an advocate for green building practices. She also serves on her county’s Planning, Zoning, and Appeals Board.

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JULY 28, 2017 | FRIDAY
7 Signs Your HVAC System Is Wasting Energy—And What to Do About It

As far as your HVAC system (cooling and heating system) goes, what's out of sight is out of mind. But don't always assume your system is running at peak performance. As units age, they be...

JULY 25, 2017 | TUESDAY
All You Need to Know About Rain Gardens

A rain garden is an excavated depression, surrounded on one or more sides by an earthen berm for water retention, and then filled with porous soil and native plants that thrive solely on ...

JULY 24, 2017 | MONDAY
10 Surprising Ways You Can Void a Warranty

From laminate flooring to your HVAC system, many big-ticket home items are backed by warranties. These guarantees offer peace of mind to consumers making a large investment, and they can ...

4 Ways Your Roof Can Save You Energy

For many of us, our attitude toward the roof is pretty much "out of sight, out of mind. " It's only when something big happens—say, a storm causes damage, or a home inspection u...

JULY 18, 2017 | TUESDAY
13 Unusual Ways to Use What's in Your Spice Rack

You already know the value of spices for giving the dishes you love that perfect savory or sweet taste, but you may not know that many of the spices found in your spice rack are good for ...

JULY 13, 2017 | THURSDAY
15 Things to Know Before Laying Landscape Fabric in Your Yard

For those who lead active lives, spending a few weekend hours pulling or digging weeds out of a garden, flower bed, or raised bed can quickly become tedious. There are a number of weed-co...

JULY 11, 2017 | TUESDAY
7 Unusual Household Uses for a Utility Knife

If you’re like most people, you probably have a handful of utility knives stashed around the house somewhere</em>—in junk drawers, garage cabinets, or tool boxes. These handy hand tools a...

JULY 10, 2017 | MONDAY
11 Ways You May Be Inviting Burglars Into Your Home

Despite taking every precaution, some homeowners unwittingly attract burglars to their property. According to the FBI, the average financial loss from a burglary is more than $2,000—but l...

JULY 10, 2017 | MONDAY
Solved! What to Do When Your Lawn Mower Starts Smoking

Q: Recently, my mower started billowing smoke when I powered it up, so I shut it off immediately. Why is my lawn mower smoking? And is it a fire hazard? I want to know how to proceed so I...

JULY 10, 2017 | MONDAY
Summer Is the Best Time for These 6 Home Improvements

If you’ve been thinking about tackling some home improvement projects this summer, don’t delay! The dog days of summer are heading our way, and before you know it the cold weather will be...