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35 Tiny Towns That Attract Hordes of Tourists Every Year

When vacation rolls around again, forget about those big cities with their stress-inducing crowds and hubbub. Instead, consider spending your time off in one of these little gems, towns t...

How To: Fix Cracked Glass

A pebble from the lawnmower tossed against a window. A drink set down too heavily on your glass-topped coffee table. A favorite vase tipped over by your curious cat. These and near-endles...

AUGUST 13, 2018 | MONDAY
Solved! How to Prevent Doors from Slamming

Q: A door in my home tends to slam shut—even occasionally when no one is using it! What causes this and how can I prevent the door from slamming? I’m afraid the door might close on my cat...

What's the Difference? Polycrylic vs Polyurethane

It’s hard to beat the natural beauty of wood; it has a depth, glow, and interest that few manmade materials can match. But left unsealed, wood is prone to damage from moisture, heat, and ...

JULY 30, 2018 | MONDAY
Buyers Guide: Patio Umbrellas

The ultimate summer must-have when outdoor living calls you but you need a reprieve from the sun’s beating rays? A patio umbrella, of course! The right umbrella brings a big patch of shad...

JULY 27, 2018 | FRIDAY
What’s the Difference? Top-Load vs. Front-Load Washers

Laundry day probably isn’t the highlight of your week, but a reliable, effective washing machine makes the chore far less tedious. Whether you’re replacing an old, energy-inefficient appl...

JULY 10, 2018 | TUESDAY
11 Reasons to Always Stop at Garage Sales

Some people love garage sales; others pass by without a second thought, writing them off as a jumble of other people's trash. If you’re in that second group, you’ve been missing out on a ...

JULY 10, 2018 | TUESDAY
How To: Get Rid of Moss in the Lawn

Low-growing greenery that reproduces by means of spores, moss can be a lovely velvety addition to your landscape if grown intentionally—but few folks want clumps of it in the middle of th...

JULY 3, 2018 | TUESDAY
How To: Remove Concrete Stains

Concrete driveways, patios, and garage floors may take a beating, but that doesn’t mean they must show the signs. While these rugged surfaces are bound to receive their share of errant oi...

JUNE 30, 2018 | SATURDAY
All You Need to Know About French Polishing

If you’ve ever admired the extraordinarily glossy finish on an antique piece of wooden furniture or a wooden instrument such as a guitar or violin, you're likely looking at wood finis...