Rachel Elmkies


A lover of all things related to home design, architecture, and city planning, Ms. Elmkies, a graduate of Hunter College with a degree in Urban Studies, formerly served as the Associate Editor of BobVila.com and now continues her career as an associate with The Center for New York City Neighborhoods. Rachel Elmkies on LinkedIn

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JULY 18, 2015 | SATURDAY
Genius! Make a Mini Greenhouse with Dollar-Store Photo Frames

Sure, your indoor plants might be doing just fine on their own with your current watering schedule and carefully selected locations. But what if we told you that they could be doing bette...

Genius! The Smartphone Speaker You Already Have in Your Kitchen

Everyone wants to be a DJ, but no one wants to buy the equipment—let alone figure out how to use it. This life hack won't replace store-bought speakers, but it's a perfect way to crank up...

Genius! Turn Your Phone into a Movie Projector

Having a TV is great—except when you're not using it. Then the box just sits in your living room, idle and unappealing, upsetting the room's feng shui. The average American may binge on f...

JUNE 26, 2015 | FRIDAY
Genius! A Space-Smart Drying Rack Hack

Americans may not agree on political issues, reality television, or eating their vegetables, but we do share one sentiment: We hate doing laundry. A recent PopSugar poll put laundry in th...

Genius! Turn a Matchbook into a Mini Notepad

Known as phillumenists, or "lovers of light," matchbook collectors number about 7,000 worldwide—the population of a small Midwestern town. And really, it's hard not to appreciat...

JUNE 11, 2015 | THURSDAY
Genius! DIY a Custom, Collapsible Sunshade

Some days, hanging out under an awning is the closest we can get to enjoying the breeze underneath a shady beach umbrella. The relief is real: That soft wind you feel in the shade can be ...

Genius! This DIY Bottle Opener Catches Caps, Too

Hosting a summer party for family and friends is hardly a small task. Manning the grill, scrambling to set up seating, compiling the perfect playlist—pulling it all off can take some work...

MAY 27, 2015 | WEDNESDAY
Genius! Grow a Garden on a Curtain Rod

"My mom once said she could only keep so many things alive at once," writes Jill Kurtz, photographer, architect, and DIY blogger. "Thankfully, she chose her children over h...

MAY 21, 2015 | THURSDAY
Genius! There's a Secret Hiding Behind This DIY Photo Frame

By the early 1990s, most middle-class homes had a VCR. Video rental stores sprouted up like dandelions, taking over strip-mall storefronts everywhere. But thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and oth...

MAY 14, 2015 | THURSDAY
Genius! Cool Off on the Cheap with a DIY Air Conditioner

We owe a lot to the humble air conditioner. Like most inventions, the idea came from a very real need: relief from extreme temperatures. The quest for cooler air has a venerable history. ...