Roseann Foley Henry


Roseann Foley Henry is a writer, editor, and home improvement buff. She and her partner and their two children live in Bayside, where they are ever-so-slowly renovating a classic 1920 Dutch Colonial. Among her writing credits are The Life of a House, the story of a tiny gatekeeper’s lodge that was once home to her great-grandparents in County Clare, Ireland. Check her out on Google +!

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JUNE 14, 2013 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Flag Poles

Today is Flag Day, the day we honor the Stars and Stripes. Whatever your politics, this is a good day to fly the flag and remember the “United” part of United States. Listen to BOB VILA O...

JUNE 13, 2013 | THURSDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Dandelions

Kids love them, but landscapers hate them. I’m talking about dandelions, whose cheerful yellow flowers can make you want to tear your hair out when they pop up again and again on your law...

JUNE 11, 2013 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Potting Benches

A potting bench can be a handy addition to any yard or patio—even if you’re not much of a gardener! Here’s why. Listen to BOB VILA ON POTTING BENCHES or read the text below:A potting benc...

JUNE 9, 2013 | SUNDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Painting Floors

If you’ve ever spent any time or money sanding and refinishing a wood floor, you may wonder why anyone would ever paint one. But in some cases, a painted wooden floor is a great idea and ...

Bob Vila Radio: Rafter Storage

If you’re just moving into a tiny starter home, making room for growing children, or downsizing into smaller quarters after the kids have moved out, chances are you’re in search of extra ...

JUNE 7, 2013 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Burglaries

Here’s something you probably don’t want to think about this summer: Most burglaries happen in warm weather, during broad daylight. Here are a few tips to protect yourself from an unwante...

MAY 24, 2013 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Built-In Mistakes

One of the joys of homeownership is having the freedom to do exactly what you want with your house or apartment—as long as your spouse agrees, of course. But don’t forget that some day yo...

MAY 20, 2013 | MONDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Toilet Flappers

Are you tired of jiggling the handle to stop your toilet from running? The noise and inconvenience drives you crazy, but the real craziness is water waste. According to the EPA, a constan...

MAY 18, 2013 | SATURDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Watering the Lawn

A beautiful green lawn requires regular watering to keep it looking great. The trick is to use enough water to keep your lawn thick and healthy, but not so much that you waste any of it. ...

MAY 17, 2013 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Pruning Azaleas

Late spring is the time to sit back and admire those azaleas as they bloom; azaleas add a veritable explosion of color to any garden this time of year. If you didn’t prune your plants bac...