Sarah Littleton


The daughter of an architect and college professor, Sarah Littleton is a lifelong home design and DIY lover, who spends her days raising a family, rehabbing a 19th-century farmhouse, researching and writing, writing, writing.

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Quick Tip: Detect Air Leaks for Only $1

When you've moved your plans indoors to escape the seasonal chill, a draft to send you back under the blankets is the last thing that you need. Worse than compromising your comfort level,...

The Do’s and Dont’s of Basement Storage

Whether you're packing away seasonal gear, or stockpiling a few extra home essentials, the basement is a natural storage spot. Because the basement is dark, cool, and roomy, it can be a p...

JULY 30, 2015 | THURSDAY
6 Ways to Cure a Cave-Like Hallway

Who knows why homeowners tend not to much design effort into their hallways? Perhaps it's because their narrow dimensions offer limited options. After all, even generously proportioned ha...

JULY 17, 2015 | FRIDAY
8 "Must Have" Tools for Home Improvement

Owning and maintaining a house can feel like a full time job—but it's certainly a rewarding one. DIY jobs like hanging drywall, painting the walls, or removing rust will keep your house i...

JUNE 16, 2015 | TUESDAY
1 Surprising Key to a Bug-Free Backyard

For many homeowners, summer means one thing: spending time outdoors. Whether we're lounging on the porch or entertaining on the patio, the year's warmest months bring ample opportunity fo...

JUNE 15, 2015 | MONDAY
7 Projects Perfect for a Lazy Summer Day

Looking forward to a staycation, or a blissfully commitment-free Sunday? The backyard hammock or patio lounger may be calling your name. But if you want to add a sense of satisfaction to ...

MAY 18, 2015 | MONDAY
8 Ways to Combat Garden Pests

There's nothing that can stand in the way of your best garden ever—until the pests arrive, that is. Perhaps your harvest is being raiding by tiny aphids, cabbage-loving caterpillars, toma...

MAY 12, 2015 | TUESDAY
The Right Way to Wash Your Car

Good things come to those who wait: That may be sound advice for life in general, but if you're a car owner, it's best to ignore that old adage. Rather than wait around for crud to accumu...

MAY 11, 2015 | MONDAY
10 Things to Know Before Buying a Foreclosed Home

A foreclosed home may seem like a great way to get a sweet deal on a house—but buyer beware! Foreclosed homes that have been abandoned or neglected for months—or even years—often come wit...

APRIL 28, 2015 | TUESDAY
One-Step Spring Upkeep with a Multitalented Outdoor Tool

Here's what the real estate agent doesn't say: Owning a home near the ocean is rarely a day at the beach. Salt air puts vulnerable components to the test, and thanks to frequent strong wi...