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Bob Vila Radio: Lawn Tractors

If you’ve got a half-acre or more of lawn to mow, a riding lawnmower or a garden tractor is a great tool to have. LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON LAWN TRACTORS, or read text below:Riding lawn...

JUNE 8, 2012 | FRIDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Bob Vila Radio is a newly launched daily radio spot carried on more than 60 stations around the country (and growing). You can get your daily dose here, by listening—or reading—to Bob’s 6...

Bob Vila Radio: Buying a Grill

If you’re shopping for a new gas grill this season, you can pay anywhere from $100 to more than $10,000. You usually get what you pay for, but good grilling is really more about the cook ...

Bob Vila Radio: Grill Maintenance

Keep your grill running smoothly this season by doing a few key maintenance checks. LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON GRILL MAINTENANCE, or read text below:Test for leaks in the gas hose and co...

JUNE 5, 2012 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila Radio: Window AC Checklist

Before you pull your window air conditioner out of storage, consider its age. Efficiencies have improved so much that replacing an old clunker with a new unit could cut your cooling costs...

MAY 29, 2012 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila Radio: The New Fridge

After years of Thanksgiving dinners, superbowls and midnight snacks, it’s probably served you well, but that old fridge in your garage is adding more to your electric bill than it’s worth...

MAY 1, 2012 | TUESDAY
Bob Vila: Now on the Radio

For those of you who not only miss Bob Vila's voice, but his tips, advice and home improvement wisdom, you can now get your daily dose by tuning in to your local radio station. Starting t...