Timothy Dale


Timothy spent his post-secondary years working in the plumbing trade, while completing degrees in English Literature and Psychology, before taking on a Project Management position that ended up lasting 10 years and segueing into a career as an expert writer. He worked in residential plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and home restoration over his time as a Project Manager and also spent a year of his career focused on planning and installation within the commercial and industrial sector. Due to the scope of the projects under his management, Timothy regularly attended planning meetings with city staff to upgrade and repair municipal infrastructure.

Timothy spends his free time with his daughter and Siberian Husky in the most southern parts of the Great White North, where he enjoys the usual Canadian pursuits: Hockey and driving through snowstorms to get to hockey. When he isn't working on home improvement pieces, he enjoys reading Deadpool comics, playing video games, watching anime, and writing fantasy novels.

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