Slide 8: Bajina Basta House


Built on a rocky island in the Drina River, near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia, this wooden house was cobbled together by a group of boys in 1968 as a clubhouse for sunbathing and recreation. The house, which comprises one room and a covered porch, is now owned by the Bajina Basta Kayak Club.

10 Cliffhanging Houses to Fall For

For centuries, home builders have been drawn to sites on mountaintops, craggy coastlines, and rock islands to take advantage of the climate, natural resources, and dramatic scenery. Although houses built on cliffs might appear to be precariously perched, a good architect will ensure that sound engineering practices keep the structure firmly planted on solid ground. Here are our favorite cliffside dwellings with the most enjoyable views!

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