Slide 1: Cutting Through Carpet

Hyde snapblade patching carpet

It's pretty easy to patch faded, stained, or worn-out carpet yourself—provided you have a blade strong and sharp enough to slice through the stiff carpet backing. Equip yourself properly with a HYDE 25mm Snap-Off Knife with Screw Lock, which resists up to 100 pounds of force without the blade retracting thanks to its sturdy screw lock (sturdy enough to handle cuts through linoleum, too!). Cut a rectangle out of the old carpet using a straightedge and exerting firm pressure on the knife, then use that section as a template for the replacement piece. Cutting carpet dulls blades quickly, but because the HYDE 25mm knife features seven tough snap-off points per blade, sharpening the blade is literally a snap! Available from; $18.99.

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