Slide 1: Drywall Repair Clips for Quick Replacements

Hyde 5 8inch bear claw drywall repair clips

The traditional way to repair holes in drywall involves removing a section of the panel that reaches all the way to a stud before cutting and installing a new piece. That approach is, however, time-consuming. It also often entails cutting a larger patch than is strictly necessary and requires some serious drywall installation skills. With Hyde's Bear Claw™ Drywall Repair Clips, you can easily replace a small section of drywall without the hassle. Available for use with ½-inch or 5/8-inch drywall, these one-hour fire-rated clips hold the new piece securely so you can quickly tape and sand. Available from HYDE; $4.69 for ½-inch or $5.02 for 5/8-inch.

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