Slide 2: Chalkboard Labels


Chalkboard labels are available for sale. You can also apply chalkboard paint to pretty much any surface to create your own chalkboard labels. Paint the lids of mason jars with it, and you have a flexible labeling system for spices, craft supplies, office supplies, or whatever else you put in your jars.

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10 DIY Labels for Better Home Organization

As we acquire more and more stuff, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of it all. That's where labeling becomes paramount. But before you settle on standard label-making solutions, consider taking a more creative DIY approach. Let your labels add an element of design to your space. Frame them, laminate them, and hang them out for all to see. There are a bevy of options at your disposal, from chalkboard paint and washi tape to clothespins. Whether you're trying to keep the towels in the guest room straight, or marking a row of fresh seedlings in the garden, organization is a constant battle. Win the war with these creative ways to label and corral the clutter.


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