Slide 1: DIY Nightstand


You don't need to know how to build from scratch to make your own nightstand. With an eye for the unusual and a flair for repurposing, you can create your own bedside table from almost anything. Not one of these five projects will take you more than a day to complete.

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14 DIY Projects Perfect for the Weekend

It doesn't take a big budget and a crew of professional contractors to revamp your house. Reinvent your home yourself, room by room, one weekend at a time. It's easier than it sounds! With a little inspiration, some repurposed materials, and a couple of free days, you can cross off a lot of things from your household wish list and flex your DIY muscles while you're at it. Have you always wanted a platform bed, a kitchen island, or a stylish new set of bookshelves? There's all that and more in this inspiration gallery!

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