Library Ladders: Reaching New Heights at Home

The library ladder is the perfect example of form meeting function. Not only is it an entirely practical piece, but it also adds a fun design element to any room in the house. With caster wheels on the bottom, and attached to a bar on top, a library ladder can be easily moved without having to worry about it toppling over. Library ladders are handy for providing access to hard-to-reach storage cabinets, saving the hassle of constantly having to look for a step stool. A well-placed library ladder calls to mind the whimsy of "Beauty and the Beast," where a large library provides a dreamy sanctuary. That same aesthetic attractively translates beyond the traditional library setting and into other spaces like kitchens, closets, hallways, and kids’ rooms. See for yourself as you admire our collection of lovely ladder-equipped interiors.

Interior Design

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